Arma 2 Editor Must-Know Manual/Guide released
Editing and Scripts

AFOF_Murdock informed the community on forums he released his Arma 2 mission editing guide.

    Quote AFOF_Murdock :
    The complete guide from the simple to more advanced most commonly used features of the ARMA II 2D map editor.
      Detailed explanations of all aspects discussed in the manual.
      A code list on the end of the manual.
      A full classname list WAS PLANNED, but is not included (for now).
      Large screenshots (shot in ArmA 2 Combined Ops) and one video (for now) are included.
      Tutorials on using, editing and creating.
      External text files tutorials.
      In-game result and example screenshots.
      Excellent graphical design.
      Full 45 pages of information.
      Includes screenshots from ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead.
      Contains information on Operation Arrowhead-only functions aswell.

Written on 2011-01-02 22:12 by Foxhound  

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