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Version: 2.9.7pre1

Short description: The Six Updater is a tool which will he you keeping your Arma 2 mods, missions and servers updated and manageable.
Date: 2011-07-17 17:02
Submitted by: Sickboy

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Six Updater & Six Launcher


Six Updater is a tool to manage Mods, Missions & Servers, for the Arma 22 military simulation by Bohemia Interactive.

The application is written in IronRuby, which is the Ruby language on Microsoft .NET, with a small portion of C#
and deploys Rsync and Zsync to perform download/update tasks, which provides differential updates (delta patching) to save bandwidth (for hosters and downloaders) and time.

The official network contains many mods available out of the box.

The Six Launcher, recently introduced, is very easy to use, graphically pleasing and performing very fast.
It's especially tailored towards MP mods, like DayZ - Persistent Zombie RPG].
It is also the official supported and recommended way to get DayZ.

- Main:
  • MultiThreaded & MultiHost Mods/Missions downloads (installation/updating/repair/migration)
  • Deploys delta patching to save time and bandwidth (only downloads changed parts of a file)
  • Game Launcher
  • Server Browser with sorting, grouping, search and filtering - Join servers automatically with the required Mods, and receive warnings when mods are loaded which are not allowed on the server.
  • Many popular mods available out of the box (250+ already)
  • Strong global (world-wide) mirror network (community powered)
  • GUI, Commandline and Linux support
  • Custom repository hosting for server owners and community websites (with Mods, Missions, and additional server information and automation, incl TeamSpeak3 and Mumble support).
  • Flexible and Advanced Preset and Game Profile configuration possible
  • Multi game versions and editions supported, manageable side-by-side
  • Mod dependencies and aliases supported
  • Easy access to Mod tools and 3rd party applications like Fraps/TrackIR. Including support for copying ACRE plugin dll's to TS3\Plugins, and Jayarma2lib dsound.dll to game exe folder.
  • Create shortcuts to your favorite Presets or to directly start the game with favorite mods and settings
  • Full Localization and Internationalization support (preliminary Russian and German translations included)
  • Increasing community server support
  • Active Development and Support
- Additionally:
  • Find Servers that use a specific Mod, or where signatures of a mod or all mods in a preset are allowed
  • Duplicate addon detection and warning
  • Server Protection indicator - Shows how well a server is protected (Signatures version, BattlEye enabled)
  • Server SigCheck indicator - Checks active mods signatures versus server allowed signatures.
  • Server ModCheck indicator - Checks active modfolders versus server required/allowed modfolders
  • Server Monitor - Keep track of server status, players, incl sound alarms.
  • Game Manager - Keep track of installed games, patches, and perform CRC checks
  • Server Manager - Dedicated Server configuration
  • Repo Manager - Custom repository configuration

Installation / Usage:
Due to changes to SixUpdateCheck and the application folder structure, it is recommended to uninstall previous 2.0 (pre-release) version, delete the Six Updater folder from Program Files and cleanly install this final 2.0 version.
You do NOT have to remove configuration files/database.

More info can be found here


6thSense — Six Updater 2.0 Tutorial by SteffenX
View more screenshots here.

Credits & Thanks:
Six Updater is written and maintained by Patrick Roza.

Lonestar - French translation
Mikhail - Russian translation
Steffen - German translation
Steelrain - Dutch translation
Total22 - Japanese translation
zGuba - Polish translation

Launcher Changelog
Changelog link in Self Updater and on startup after upgrade
Mod support link

Improved startup performance by improving the initial server sync (grabs it from portal)
Prepared for (SP) usage without selecting a server
Progress is now displayed also on Windows 7 Taskbar.
Queueing dialog displays server state in the titlebar
Removed unneeded LaunchWindow during startup unless there's an update, leaving only the splash screen
Removed total free slots from server browser status indication (still available in tooltip)
Sync icon rotates during synchronization
The server browser shows BusyIndicator ("Fetching Servers") at startup

Mod name was not shown during changelog question
The server browser now properly refreshes the server list when switching mods while background sync is occuring

Several other small fixes and improvements

Launcher Changelog
Added EU and updated Empty flags
Added "Previous Mod" cycle
Added server count
Added server protection level (based on Signatures and BattlEye)
Added support for launching through the Steam Launcher
Added support for the Unsung mod to the Launcher
Added support for the vanilla game (with and without the beta)

Changelog is optionally shown after updating a Mod
Double clicking a server in the server browser joins the server (after update if required)
Enabled hint error dialogs for known issues (esp ones caused by issues with the user system)
Improved auto-updater reliability
Improved Beta support
Improved setup/upgrade reliability
Improved support for Unicode
Mirrors are prioritized by latency
Robocopy is used instead of rsync for custom repositories when the Remote is actually a local folder
Synchronizations after startup will no longer block operations
Server Name is now colored (White: Mod version match, Yellow: Requires update, Gray: Server is outdated)
The Game Path for ARMA2 Original can now also be configured manually in the Options
Updated GeoIP db for more accurate server country flag assignment
Warn the user when trying to join a server with outdated mod version

Inconsistent case usage of verifySignatures and gameState, caused invalid server status
Main button chrome was visible due to rounded corners background
Memory leak during Synchronization
Unhandled exception on corrupted configuration file

Several other small fixes and improvements

For older changes please check the Six Updater Blog

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- .NET Framework (Client Profile) 4.0

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Six Updater & Six Launcher
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