Author: RedSky
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.1.6

Short description: AI-unit drop pipe bombs on pre defined locations, returns to safe location and wait for touchoff command

Date: 2011-01-22 17:33

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PipeBomb-Drop Script


Its a pipe-bomb drop script. Useful if you want to command AI-members of your group to blow up something without bothering around with "move to" and "drop-action" commands...

How it works:
Unit moves to 1st drop location and becomes careless if distance < 4 meters. When unit reaches the spot ( < 2 Meters distance) it drops one satchel and moves to the next bomb location (if given). Behaviour automatically restores to previous state until unit is near next spot and so on.
If all drops are done, unit moves to "retreatPos" and waits for the command.

Installation / Usage:
In your init.sqs add the following:
FuncUnitDropPipeBomb = compile preprocessFile "unitDropPipeBombV2.sqf";
DropHandle_X = ([Unit, [pos1ToDrop, Pos2ToDrop, ...], positionToRetreat] spawn FuncUnitDropPipeBomb);
0: Type Unit
1: Array of Objects (Tank, Car, Helicopter, Invisible H)... (I prefer the 'invisible H')!
2: Retreat point (Not a position!)

Global variables:
RS_DPB_TOUCHOFF_unitname WRITE set to true in any trigger to let unit touchoff _ALL_ laid bombs.
RS_DPB_ERROR_unitname READ becomes true if something went wrong.
RS_DPB_BOMBS_DROPPED_unitname READ becomes true if all bombs are placed.
RS_DPB_BOMB_DROP_COUNT_unitname READ number of satchels already planted by unit.

Example: If unit is named "SpecOp1" the touchoff var will be "RS_DPB_TOUCHOFF_SpecOp1".

Global Variables become resetted to 0 or false when script is restarted on same unit. Script must not be called
again if not finished!

The script comes with a demo mission.
Feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

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