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Requirements: ArmA 2, PMC, The Undead Mod, Namalsk,
Island(s): Namalsk
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Version: 1.3

Date: 2011-09-26 07:49

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Namalsk Zombies


You are one of the last elite soldiers left on the island of Namalsk. You need to defend the northern part of the island with your life. You start at the border of the unzombified lands...

  • 2 player coop
  • Many, Many zombies
  • Both linear and free roam fighting
  • New weapons released with PMC that may be good for killing zombies (AA12)
  • City infection
  • Gives you choice of either a linear short mission or an everlasting free roam mission.
  • Free roam functionality increased

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    The team leader must be played by a human, or else the mission will not work.

  • [Changed] Tweaked triggers so the flow of the mission works better.
  • [Changed] Different weapons so everything is not the same -- thanks Ragor!
  • [Fixed] The zombies attack you in the beginning different. A little more swift, scary, and less performance draining
  • [Added] More ambient sounds
  • [Changed] It is now darker out. Creating a very frightening ambiance -- thanks Ragor!
  • Also a bunch of other things that I sadly have now forgotten...

  • v1.0
  • Mission is now 2 person coop
  • Added drive to northern base task
  • Added music
  • Shortened view distance
  • Added more zombies
  • Zombies can now only kill you, infection has a long timer, antidotes kept
  • Populated southern area
  • Changed chat style
  • other fixes/improvements

  • v 0.95
  • Fixed speech errors
  • Fixed 1st zombie wave
  • Fixed typos
  • Added Auto infection at beginning, instead of having zombies manually kill civilians at each town
  • Got rid of blackops to lower mod requirements
  • Added surviving base in southern area
  • Added ftaskhints
  • Performance increased
  • Gave more time to prepare for next wave

  • Credits & Thanks:
    Charon Productions
    F2 team for their handy readme template
    and Bohemia interactive of course!

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    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

    - ArmA 2
    - PMC
    - The Undead Mod
    - Namalsk

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