Two coop missions by USMCWall

USMCWall has submitted two coop missions for Operation Arrowhead.

    Quote USMCWall :
    Operation: Crescent Moon is an up to 16 player coop mission, and also the OPFOR counterpart to my other SERE mission released. In OPCR you play the role of a terror cell attempting to flee the region of Takistan after the coalition ground invasion in order to establish the network in a neighboring border region, that is until everything goes south...

    Operation: Takistani Rain is an up to 15 player coop mission. Following weeks of strategic bombing and the softening of key Takistani targets and forces in the AO of Takistan, USCENTCOM has agreed to send in small elements from SOCOM to help train and fight with the indigenous forces in the area...that is until everything goes wrong. Upon transit into the AO your C130 comes under fire and you are ejected from the plane, luckily you had a parachute, and anything else you might have been carrying. This is a good time to remember your SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) training.

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