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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.15

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Date: 2007-05-29 10:32

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Armed Assault Realistic Tracer Mod
Realistic Tracer Mod Project
WolfBane, Centipede, Kenbow, Predator, Sickboy

With this mod you can use realistic tracers in Armed Assault. The laser-beam tracers in the original game will be disabled.

Just extract to your ArmA\Addons... folder, or use the modfolder method.

- Read the included documentation

Included files:

- View a video on YouTube.


  1. Glowing orb tracer.
  2. Tracer color based on side: BLUFOR fire red tracer OPFOR will fire green.
  3. Different size for certain class of ammo. I have defined three sets of ammo:
    1. small arms for rifles and MG round
    2. HMG for HMG (12.7mm) and cannon rounds
    3. MBT for tanks main guns

Known Issues:
It seems the tracer wont be visible in a low FPS environmentlike bushes, forests. no idea how to solve this yet.

Do NOT modify any file, release with both ReadMe's intact, no warranty.

Change log:
  • Optimized Loops.
  • Converted all scripts to SQF.
  • Removed unnececairy Code.
  • Exchanged some if's with case's.
  • Added Automatic Trigger creation which can be used for automaticly adding units to the trigger script.
  • Added settings variables.
  • Added Gamelogics.
  • Added Demo Missions.
  • Various other tweaks.
  • fix problem where 2 units cannot have different parameters. now you can set one unit to fire 5rd per tracer and the other fire 1rd every tracer w/o one unit override the other (reported by bravo6).
  • fix problem after firing rocket or grenade tracer will now longer be available . (units that have multiple weapons like vehicles and AT soldier).
  • add more parameter wheter to enable ricochet or to activate tracer based on weapon.
  • fix init script calling for "cent_tracer_effect.sqf" which has been deleted in v1.11.
  • add tracer size modifier. now you can change tracer size.
  • remove redundant file ("cent_tracer_effect.sqf") for tracer and ricochet effect. they basically do the same thing so i remove one, thus making the file smaller.
  • tracers will now ricochet.

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