Continued digital attack - BI forums signatures message?
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Today as many expected the PBHB hacker group have left new clues for the community to dig into.
All of the users from the wednesday hack have gotten new signatures in their BIS forums profiles:
  • Barel: xrl-bjzzoj
  • Tahlo: bit-eWb9WU
  • Roamer: j-eaJdkg
  • Exorcist: goo-WeND8
These are parts of url's for short-link makers, of which only two at the moment of writing this are known.

Make sure to leave your thoughts and follow the development of the continued digital attack by the PBHB Hacker Group in this topic on the BI forums.
There must be more behind all this and we are following the discussion and news on the matter closely.

Here is what happened friday:
The PBHB hacker group attacked the BIS social networks spamming what, at first, seemed to be random posts with letters and numbers but it was soon find out these were a caesar cipher.
After all retrieved data has been combined a list was made:
  • 2003 belarus duffy bielski
  • 2002 nogova bohemia troska
  • 1991 nottinghamshire reynolds hood
  • 1962 ottoman lean lawrence
  • 1958 clara guevarra casillas
  • 1943 neretva lohr tito
  • 1814 madrid goya spaniard
  • 1462 targoviste vlad mehmed
Some community members noticed the only real connection between everything is the fact it all has to do with "guerilla".

When you want to know all the latest info sorted out for you so you do not have to go through the thoussands of posts in that topic make sure to check out, the wiki page following these events.

Written on 2011-05-14 20:12 by Armaholic  

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