Author: CWR² Team
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: beta 06
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The Cold War Rearmed² modification is a community project to bring the missions, islands and other content of the ever popular Operation Flashpoint into ARMA 2.
Date: 2013-11-06 08:05
Submitted by: CWR2 PR

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Cold War Rearmed²

CWR² Team

The missions come in a seperate download!! Please scroll down to find the link!

Dedicated to Planck, you are deeply missed!

The Cold War Rearmed² modification is a community project to bring the missions, islands and other content of the ever
popular Operation Flashpoint into ARMA 2.

This public beta contains all Units, Weapons, Vehicles and Objects from the original Operation Flashpoint.
But please be aware that this is NOT the final release, there will be bugs big and small.
The main reason for this beta release is to get bug reports from you and feedback in general.
Please do not send suggestions for more content as we have no plans now to add anything else to the Mod.

Besides the content from the previous Demos it contains the following:
    * Bicycle
    * BRDM-2 (thanks hcpookie)
    * General Guba, Angelina (thanks LODU)
    * M2A2 Bradley
    * Mini (Retextured Lada)
    * Colonel Guba (Officer with blue Beret) - used in Resistance campaign
    * Motorcycle
    * New AT Launcher Magazines "cwr2_CarlGustavRocket_DP", "cwr2_AT4Rocket_DP", "cwr2_LawRocket_DP", "cwr2_RPG75Rocket_DP", "cwr2_RPG7Rocket_DP"
    * OH-58
    * Russian Patrol Boat (thanks hcpookie)
    * Sports Car (aka Hatchback and Sedan)

This Beta version is more or less a final release, which gets at least a monthly update. For those who are interested in getting the latest fixes and help us testing, you can find 'nightly' builds here.
For those who prefer to have complete packages, we may provide one Beta Release per month which then contains all previous bug fixes.

As before, this is a complete new package! Please make sure you have removed all previously installed CWR² Mod folders!
All of the previously released files are no more required or horribly outdated.
Everything you need to play is in below Downloads.

1) Remove all previous Demo 4 content (if present)
2) Remove all previous SP/MP Missions and the Demo campaign
3) Download and install CWR² Public Beta
4) Download and install the optional content if wanted

See the included readme in the CWR² Documentation folder for install instructions.
The readme also contains important informations for mission designers.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.
For Steam users, right-click on your Operation Arrowhead game and choose "Properties". Click "Set launch parameters" and paste that parameter into the text field that opens.

Included .pbo files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

CWR² Demo Missions:
It contains the CWR² SP and MP Missions and as a bonus the SP Missions from the previously released Kolgujev Standalone release.
Download the missions from this page: CWR² Demo Missions (@)
Download the Resistance Campaign from this page: Cold War Rearmed² - Resistance Campaign (@) v1.07
Download the Cold War Crisis Campaign from this page: Cold War Rearmed² - Cold War Crisis Campaign v1.10

Arma 2 CWR 2: Anti-tank launcher sights:
Misha wrote a small guide how to use the Anti-tank launcher sights in the Cold War Rearmed² modification on the Comrades in Arms forum.

Missionmakers notes:
See the included classnames folder which contains all used class names as text files.

Give Mikeros cwr2ofp a try when editing/converting old OFP missions. It could save you a lot of headache trying to find the correct replacement classname!

How to use our islands without the Mod:
Copy the below files from the CWR² Demo into a new Modfolder, e.g. cwr2_islands:
cwr2_abel.pbo (Malden)
cwr2_abel_data.pbo (Malden)
cwr2_cain.pbo (Kolgujev)
cwr2_cain_data.pbo (Kolgujev)
cwr2_eden.pbo (Everon)
cwr2_eden_data.pbo (Everon)
cwr2_intro.pbo (Desert Island)
cwr2_intro_data.pbo (Desert Island)
cwr2_noe.pbo (Nogova)
cwr2_noe_data.pbo (Nogova)

Known issues:
If you encounter bugs or issues, please report them at our Community Bugtracker.

You are NOT allowed to port this Mod (or parts of it) to Arma 3!
We do not make exceptions, so don't even bother to ask!

Credits & Thanks:
Binkowski Models/textures
Bushlurker Terrain development, Vegetation Textures
Jakerod Terrain Lead
Max Power Jack of all trades (Models, textures, configs, sounds)
Mikero Configs, Programming, Editor Update
Mondkalb Terrain development and enterable buildings on Nogova
OMAC Chief Beta tester
Psychobastard Mission development
Sander Mission development, NL Army Expansion
SaOk Mission development
T_D Configs, Walking CWR reference
Tom_48_97 Scripting, Webmaster
von Knudenberg Intros, Cutscenes, Videos
W0lle Project Lead, Missions, Configs, Terrain editing, breaking stuff others fixed
zGuba Configs / Animations

ACE2 Mod Team Bradley model/textures, soundfiles
Aushilfe Models / Configs / Troubleshooting
Benny Scripting
Berghoff Vegetation models / textures
Captain Stagler UK Army Expansion
CSLA Mod Team Lots of vehicle and weapon models/textures
ebud Models/textures
gms Kozlice and M60 models/textures
gromov Models / Textures
hcpookie Models / Textures
Helijunkie Models/Scripting
Icewindo Human models
Kenwort Webmaster, Videos
Lennard Textures
LODU Angelina and Guba Model, special thanks to Ikar
Lord Jarhead Providing us a lot of his great Sounds
Marseille77 Guba model and traffic sign models/textures
NeoArmageddon/scruffy Framework for bringing the quotes back
Norrin Animations
Parvus Photography
RHS Mod Team T-80 model/textures
RKSL Cessna model/textures
RobertHammer Weapon models/textures (thanks also to: Flakk, Twinke Masta, Kimono, Thanez, Syncing, Boba Fett)
Scars09 PBR textures
Schnapsdrosel Models / Textures
Shuko Briefing/Tasks Script
Smookie Animations
vilas Lots of vehicle and weapon models and textures
Zipper5 Mission development, Cutscenes

If we forgot someone, please forgive us and let us know so we can fix it asap.

Planck You are deeply missed, mate
Bohemia Interactive Especially Ivan Buchta, Marek and Ondrej Španěl, Jakub Horyna and Lukáš Milácek Providing us fast and reliable FTP/webspace Repository, bugtracker, forum Website hosting Website and Repository hosting

Atsche Terrain development
Celery Mission development
luemmel Beta testing
Nephris1 Mission development
NSX Military advisor, photography
Zipper5 Mission development

Thanks to all of you, without your support our task would be a lot harder than it already is.

beta R6
ADDED : FIA Partisans
ADDED : M14 Rifle (cwr2_M14)
ADDED : Spetsnaz assault units
CHNGD : 45rnd RPK Magazine takes only 1 inventory slot now
CHNGD : Automatic Rifleman now carries 6 RPK Magazines
CHNGD : Bradley - Defined maximum values for weapon and ammo stowage
CHNGD : Bradley commander position now has vehicle mounted NV optic enabled
CHNGD : Bradley driver position now has vehicle mounted NV optic enabled
CHNGD : Bradley gunner position now has TI for optic enabled with two red based modes
CHNGD : Bradley has a stowage capacity of nine backpacks, one each for crew and passengers
CHNGD : New FIA unit textures
CHNGD : Power poles placed along all major roads on Everon, Malden, Kolgujev and Nogova
FIXED : AH-1 turret vertex selection
FIXED : Jeep had permanent light on in 2nd LOD

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

- Arma 2

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Cold War Rearmed²
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