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Marek Španěl released a new developer blog entry on the website.
In this new entry he gives some background info with regards to OFP, the Arma series and BIS' future in relation the the 10th birthday of OFP!

Additionally BIS released a patch for OFP (yes, you are reading this correctly, after 10 years they released a patch for OFP) to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. The official announcement is due for tomorrow but they wanted to introduce this to the community first.
Introducing - ARMA: Cold War Assault: Update 1.99
    Arma: Cold War Assault 1.99 is an update to the original Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis* as developed by us 10 long years ago.
    This game was originally sold and known as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance or Operation Flashpoint: Game of the Year Edition*. Users of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and Operation Flashpoint: GOTY are allowed to freely update to Arma: Cold War Assault as long as they agree with the end user license as in the manual and shown during the setup.
More info can be found on the BI forums.

    Quote Marek Španěl :
    Ten years ago, a game was released: Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. It completely changed the lives not only of one small and dedicated team of independent developers, but also the lives of many hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world. We would like to take this opportunity not only to thank you for all these great years, but also to shed some more light on various events from the past and to explain more about our plans for the coming years.

    Rear-View Mirror
    In the years immediately following the original release of Operation Flashpoint, our focus was based on riding on the wave of its success. Operation Flashpoint: Resistance was released one year later and to many of Bohemia's developers it is their favourite game to play to date. Sometimes, though, I feel we made a mistake not taking this even further, especially on the multiplayer and engine side, and by not extending it into a full-blown sequel. However, we didn't want to create a sequel at all back. Instead, we wanted to do something completely different: an RPG Wild West game. Aside from prototyping it, we started numerous other ventures simultaneously: OFP: Elite for Xbox, VBS1, OFP2 in Vietnam and several other projects that did not come to fruition, but elements of which fed directly into later games. VBS1 was struggling to establish itself within the serious military domain (where its biggest rival was, surprisingly, a heavily modified Operation Flashpoint known as DARWARS Ambush!).

    Mod to Be or Not to Be
    From the early days we always thought that OFP: CWC may become a very nice tool for user made content and we felt the visual editor and user made scenarios are a great way to go. Anyway, from releasing the demo for OFP: CWC we had seen so many user modifications, quickly made even without a visual editor that we started to see a potential even beyond it.

    The proprietary scripting language was intended to just do camera-based cutscenes. Since then it has expanded into a vast library of commands, allowing creative designers to turn the game into whatever they like.

    The concept of add-ons, packaged into PBO files, has been incredibly useful. Not just in that our games are now filled with data packaged in add-ons, but also the community has released a mind-boggling amount. We initially used it for our own free addons available through game patches, but later more and more effort had been put into making this into a viable means for user made content as well. We still feel the relationship between us and the community has been extremely productive and collaborative and without this Arma would never be what it is now. We are very dedicated not only to keeping the same possibilities of modding and community sharing but also to find ways to improve it further.

    Similarly, as with Arma 1 content, we are going to release Arma 2 content in source form to make it easy to create and distribute various user based addons for our games based on it.

    Next Please
    The future weeks and months are going to be loaded with many different releases. With Arma 2 Free we are trying to breathe more life into the original Arma 2, as well as to seek out new players that could not buy and play the full commercial Arma 2 or Arrowhead for some reason. The beauty in it is that it’s very compatible with various user made missions and even campaigns, plus it’s designed to be compatible with vanilla Arma 2 in multiplayer.

    We’re also introducing a sharper focus with Take On Helicopters. Unlike our Arma games, this game in a sense takes on a narrower, yet much deeper, scope. We hope to use it as a building platform to add even deeper vehicle simulation aspects to the Arma experience. Finally, we can make a game where the goal is not to shoot someone! As we want our community to be involved early, we’re planning to release a Take On Helicopters Community Preview very soon. It should give you a better idea of where we are heading, but also allow some of the extremely talented addon makers to start crafting addons tailored for these more advanced simulation aspects that will be part of our future releases.

    Arma 2: Firing Range is going to tap into the world of mobile devices and web browser games. It’s partially an experiment, but seeing Arma 2 graphics and firing all of its weapons on smartphone or tablet definitely makes it worthwhile.

    There is also Carrier Command: Gaea Mission which has been under development for many years now. It’s not only a tribute to one great game that was way ahead of its time when launched in 1988, but it’s also our attempt to create a more mainstream game for all major platforms. As we feel the gaming technology is now very solid and the gameplay is finally at the stage we originally envisaged, we feel confident the game will see a release sometime next year.

You can read the developer blog entry on the BIStudio website.

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