Cold War Rearmed² - Updated Public Beta released
Mods and Addons

CWR2 PR released an updated beta version of the Cold War Rearmed² beta on the Armaholic forums.
Other updates:
  • British Armed Forces Expansion updated to version 1.07
  • Royal Netherlands Army Expansion updated to version 1.05
  • CWR² Demo Missions updated
  • Cold War Rearmed² - Cold War Crisis Campaign updated to version 1.10
  • Cold War Rearmed² - Resistance Campaign updated to version 1.07
    Quote CWR2 PR :
    Huge update for our fans today!

    • Added: FIA Partisans
    • Added: M14 Rifle (cwr2_M14)
    • Added: Spetsnaz assault units
    • Changed: 45rnd RPK Magazine takes only 1 inventory slot now
    • Changed: Automatic Rifleman now carries 6 RPK Magazines
    • Changed: Bradley - Defined maximum values for weapon and ammo stowage
    • Changed: Bradley commander position now has vehicle mounted NV optic enabled
    • Changed: Bradley driver position now has vehicle mounted NV optic enabled
    • Changed: Bradley gunner position now has TI for optic enabled with two red based modes
    • Changed: Bradley has a stowage capacity of nine backpacks, one each for crew and passengers
    • Changed: New FIA unit textures
    • Changed: Power poles placed along all major roads on Everon, Malden, Kolgujev and Nogova
    • Fixed: AH-1 turret vertex selection
    • Fixed: Jeep had permanent light on in 2nd LOD

    This release is dedicated to James 'Planck' McNicoll.

Written on 2013-11-06 08:24 by CWR2 PR  

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