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Date: 2007-06-20 18:47

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Accelerated Time Server (VFATS)
Victor Farbau

The purpose of this addon is to run missions in an time accelerated environment. The typical SP or MP Mission lasts between 15min and 1h. If you want to see scenic daylight changes during your missions it might happen that you never reach dawn, never get past that midday sun and never see sunset. VFATS will help you to overcome this by offering an accelerated time environment.

Drop the VFATS.pbo file into your addons folder. That's it. If you intend to use this on a server based mission make sure to also copy it to the server's addons folder.

If you like to use this addon in one of your own missions, simply open your mission map and create a new "Game Logic" object of class "VFATS Logic". You find a list of predefined units such as "Accelerated Time (x16)" that allow you to set the desired time acceleration. I have pre-configured the values 2,4,6,8,16 and 24.
If you have trouble imagining what the acceleration factors mean just imagine that x2 means 2 game hours will pass in one real hour. Consequently, x24 means a whole day in the game will pass in just about 1h real time playing.

This addon has passed all Multiplayer test up until now. I am happy to hear about bugs of course. If you like to use this addon in an MP environment, make sure the mission you use also has a default Game Logic object called "Server" in it. This is not specific to this addon; you will need this for most MP missions so the game can distinguish between clients and the server at runtime.

Included mission:
I included a demo mission. Just throw "VFATx16.Intro.pbo" into you "\Arma\Missions\" Folder and run it to see the effect of a 16 x time acceleration. Have a lot of fun.

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