Author: Genesis92x
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Requirements: Arma 2, DGN Core (included)
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.07b

Date: 2011-11-10 09:56

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Degeneration Redux

Degeneration team

You and your friends are stranded in the middle of a zombie invasion with little hope...It's a race against time as your food,water, and ammo supplies all run empty while the undead become more and more frequent. Can you escape the land? How long can you survive before they get you?

Degeneration Redux is a sandbox survival mission that delivers a lot more on ALL fronts than the previous version. The biggest change is moving from The Undead Mod to Celery's Zombie scripts. THANK YOU CELERY FOR THE ZOMBIES!

The objective is whatever the player wants it to be really. It's a sandbox!
However, the players can try escaping the island by finding the disabled helicopter, repairing it by finding the 5 helicopter parts spread throughout the map, and then flying out East. (Keep in mind all these locations are random)

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

Mission Dynamics:
  • Weapon/Food/Static Spawning System Each town will randomly spawn a random amount of vehicles. These vehicles will also have a random spawn of weapons and/or food inside of them. This is how the player(s) will equip themselfs with goodies to fight off the undead horde. Some vehicles may be flipped on their side, or completely upside down!
    There will also be randomly placed Cache's around the map that can offer further support for the players. It is probably smart to mention that every town has a small chance (very small!!) to spawn an armored vehicle, and a slightly better chance to spawn static weapons.

  • Towing System Almost all vehicles in Degeneration can tow vehicles and static weapons. Even though this mechanic can look goofy at was left in because of the fun factor it brought into the game! And making trains of vehicles attached to each other is always fun. Not easy. But rewarding. Remember: Barricades can mean the difference between life and death!

  • Zombie Spawning System The zombies work in two ways. (Think L4D)
    1)Zombies will always be spawning dynamically around the players, but if players stay in an area long enough and kill enough zombies, it will be considered 'clear' and no more zombies will spawn until the players leave the area and come back.
    2)Zombie hordes spawn every 10 minutes and begin to track the player down. No matter where they might be hiding. Hordes are usually easy to spot since they usually contain LARGE numbers and a few 'armored' zombies. OH! Don't forget to check the zombies for bandages and spare dropped ammo!

  • Types of Zombies Celery made various types of zombies. Some you might encounter in Degeneration are...
    normal --- makes noise when idle, runs to victim when one is spotted.
    surprise --- runs to victim when one is spotted, silent until close.
    sneaker --- crawls, silent until very close, starts running when close, aggro radius always maximum.
    ambusher --- crawls, silent until very close, waits still, starts running when victim is in aggro range
    armored --- runs to victim when one is spotted, silent until close, withstands lots of damage

  • Food/Water System The Food and Water system is completely optional but I would advise playing with it on. It adds an extra layer of challenge that is welcomed by the many testers! No longer can you just camp inside of a building forever! This will constantly challenge your ability to scavange for food! Just hope you don't find just water OR food! You need both!

  • Spectating System Celery uses a very nice spectating system for the dead players! You can easily swap the camera between your surviving friends if you are dead!

  • Fancy GUI's To keep you updated on your hunger/thirst levels there are two bars that will constantly change to inform you on when you should eat that watermelon!
    There is also a silly HP bar as well. It will keep you updated on how many more slaps from a zombie you can take before you are dead...or how quick the hunger or thirst is destroying your body.

  • JIP Compatible The mission is fully JIP compatible! When a player leaves their weapons/hp will be saved to the played character. Upon returning the player will be spawned back at the original spawn location for the player.

  • Easter Eggs There are a couple easter eggs of course!

  • Increased FPS There is a significant increase in frame rate in the mission!

  • DGN Core addon:
    DGN Core 1.6a does the following...
    Enables a select few units to carry static weapon bags
    Inceases the carrying capacity in ALL vehicles to hold 9,999 Weapons and 9,999 items
    Adds food/water items and pouches
    Adds repair buildings
    Adds the various helicopter parts
    And many other things! Read the README if you're interested!

    Known issues:
    The towing system seems to not initalize properly in the beginning. Rejoining fixes the issue as a temp workaround.

    v1.07 Beta
  • Fixed and added lot of things
  • Sidemissions
  • Civilians for the rescuing
  • A safe zone
  • More A2/OA weapons
  • Bunch of bug fixes
  • All static weapons can be packed up
  • Horde events!
  • Stuff I forgot about.
  • Fixed the spawning system

  • v1.04 Beta
  • @DGN updated! (Thanks Garret!)
  • Basic zombie changes, nothing really noticeable in game.
  • Pressing "E" while next to a vehicle will make you enter the vehicle. (Thanks Craig!)
  • Game will now save players location every 3 minutes so JIP players are teleported to the last "known" location of that slot. **BETA

  • v1.03 Beta
  • Added latest changes to the version

  • Credits & thanks:
    Originally posted by Dominic/Genesis92x on the BI forums. He is the creator of the mission and deserves credit

    Before anything, I feel it is necessary to give credit where credit is due for the endless amounts of testing/scripting/magic that they all worked to make this mission come together over the last couple months. If you don't like it, skip it.

    This is, more or less, the Degeneration team!

    Garret ][Niipaa: Created the @DGN addon. Created multiple icons/images/epic things for Degeneration. Thanks buddy, couldn't of done it without you! (Also, thanks for all the help on the food/water system!)

    Craig bobtom : Created multiple scripts for Degeneration that made it 100000% more efficent and managable. (Thanks for helping/fixing the bugs I was having with the scripts! Couldn't have done it without you either!)

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    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums

    - Arma 2
    - DGN Core (included)

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