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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Desert_E, Zargabad
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.3

Date: 2013-10-22 20:27

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Hammer of Thor


Takistan 2012
General Hassan Jafar staged a successful coup d'etat. He removed the corrupt politicians controlled by the USA from their power by force. Zargabad is under Martial Law. He managed to unite the leaders In a secret meeting and forced them to cooperate to end the occupation by the US forces. The whole country is in turmoil. Militia forces are reinforcing the Takistani Army in the fight against the foreign oppression. General Jafar supplied every man willing to fight the infedel with a weapon.

You are Vincent Vega, PVT 1st class - 25th mechanized Infantry Division.
your unit has been send in to remove the general from his powers and restore order in Zargabad. you will be part of "operation Hammer of Thor".

  • Story driven SP campaign - 15 mission
  • Infantry based
  • Language English
  • Factions involved
      - US army
      - Takistan army
      - Takistan Militia
  • Some custom sounds
  • First aid modules
  • Intro's -- Outro's
  • Briefings

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Campaigns folder.


    I intended to create this campaign with the thought in mind, that the player is only a small part in a big fighting force. The mission design is on purpose. There is no teamswitch available live with it. There is no weapons choice in the briefing, since you are not in command. You start with what you're given and you end up with whatever you can scrounge. The campaign is infantry based it is not intended to be realistic, it should be fun to play. So you are not a superhuman special force soldier, you are a simple machinegunner in a mechanized Infantry division. I tried to recreate the feeling of a huge conflict where the player is just a single soldier doing his part in the ongoing war. This campaign has a plot which evolves. Intro and outros are an important part of this campaign.
    The campaign is quite easy and not to challenging, forces are mostly balanced.

    Progress on the campaign was extremely slow due to RL issues and my destracted nature when it comes to ArmA. The modding community is hyperactive. Even playing 24/7 you can't check out everything which has been created for this game.

  • Performance improved in general
  • Implemented over 5oo custom speech and radio files
  • Every Mission has his own custom titletrack - 16 custom songs by Alchemy Divine
  • Increased image size of overview pic for each mission.
  • Added debriefing to all missions
  • Missions are starting now with units already on board of their respective vehicles.
  • Fixed issues with Strykers causing friendly casualties during disembarking.
  • In case there are still some friendly casualties due to AI driving it's unfortunate and I can't do much about it. But it has been definitely improved.
  • Player starts with Saw as default weapon during night missions.
  • since convoy driving is sometimes still a mess I've ungrouped all vehicles to gain more control.
  • Reworked all intros and outros and converted them from sqs to sqf format.
  • Added delete waypoint in case a friendly group accomplishes the target before your group does.
  • fixed seIdentity issue in players init field.
  • added some functions which AZCoder wrote. Thanks for allowing me to use your awesome stuff mate.
  • updated readme

  • v1.1
  • Fixed seIdentity issue in players init field.
  • Fixed campaign pic issue I had.
  • Removed some markers in missions which I've forgot to remove
  • Fixed Mission name in editor intel (mission 3 to 15)
  • Reworked mission 1 - added transport back to the FOB
  • Fixed all script errors in intro's and outro's apart of one.
  • Reworked sequence of tasks in mission Nr3 "On the hot spot"
  • added two missions which were not showing up in the campaign list ( thanks SaOk)
  • Added M240 ammo in all missions.
  • Fixed Mission 06 end trigger wouldn't activate.
  • Mission 07 reworked and updated all mission objectives
  • added autosave game for those who playing on expert mode.
  • reduced sizes of onloading screen pics
  • changed ambiance sounds for each mission
  • Fixed all spelling errors I could find so far.
  • Reworked several briefings and links to respective markers
  • Reworked objectives for mission 08
  • Fixed triggers in mission 09 and reduced units in buildings
  • Fixed tasks in mission 1 reworked slightly missions 11-12-13-14-15
  • Performance optimized a bit thanks to code provided by SaOk
  • changed some Intro's and Outro's

  • Known issues:
    There's a script error with the AAN function which I was unable to fix so far. It shows only when script error is enabled though.

    Credits & thanks:

    Chris Henderson for his execellent ArmA Edit tool which I'm still using.

    Ei8ght for his wonderful base templates I used to create FOB Montezuma and airfield Starbase.

    Thanks to Lord Jarhead and his J.S.R.S.soundmod which have permitted myself to obtain some cool combat ambiance sounds.

    Thanks to Glowball and the guys at 16AA for their help in giving me permission to create some radio chatter ambiance files.

    Thanks to corporal Cody and all guys at United Operations . .. also providing for some radio chatter

    The BIS community for all the help and knowledge gained. Proud member.

    thanks to all addon and Mod makers who's contribution makes ArmA immortal . . . this game is never going to die. You are awesome and you have my profound respect and gratitude for sharing your work with us fellow community members.

    Thanks to Ofpec - Armed Assault info and Armaholic for their wonderful sites.

    Thanks to McLupo for the nice review and the interview.

    Thanks for testing and feedback

    Tom3kb (thanks for your extensive testing which helped me a great deal)
    Fao Lei Mao

    Special thanks to McLupo for his awesome review (German)

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