Russian Armory Package by DaMan3 updated
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DaMan3 released an updated version of his Russian Armory Package on the BI forums.

    Quote DaMan3 :
    Today I release this new weaponpack, where great care has been taken to achieve realistic configurations of the contained weapons, instead of just randomly throwing numbers in.
    Now your eastern special forces team of your choice have their specialized weapons and armor!
    No need to use old AK74s anymore, since these new AK's with RIS/rail systems and use of the newer 7N24 bullet (while maintaining the capability to shoot the traditional AK74 rounds of your fallen enemies) are brought to you because of their serious punch.

    Since they are western made (Magpul AK), your western team can use them too, to combat enemies deep behind enemy lines with high grade precision weapons, without the danger of running out of ammo (since normal AK74 ammo is literally everywhere)

    The .556 (M4 Ammunition) chambered version with a scope, is the ideal solution for snipers who want to be able to engage targets at long range, while also having the ability to engage targets at close range, hence the automatic firemode selector.

    For tight spaces the original russian Vityaz SN comes in extra handy. Just point and shoot, like an MP5A6, only better because of its higher firerate and longer (up to 220 yards) engage range.

    And last but not least: RPG7s are weapons of the insurgents, thats why you have to use the RPO-M Shmel on them and their light armor.

    • The weapons are now 1.60 compatible.
    • Added new (SD, Aimpoint) versions plus minor bugfixing.

Written on 2012-01-29 21:49 by Foxhound  

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