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Requirements: No addons required

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Short description: This module gives mission designers the possibility to add artillery to the opposition.

Date: 2012-12-03 09:00

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AI Forward Observer


Firstly just like my other addons, real life is limiting my time online, as such rather than continue to let these items gather dust on my harddrive, I thought I would release them and let the community both test the MP aspects, and hopefully enjoy their use. Hence the alpha status.

The module is based on my AI Artillery Framework scripts. I have tweaked and changed a couple of things, but mainly it is fundamently the same. The reason for producing a module was to create a very simple way for mission designers to add opposition artillery. Like the framework it uses real mortar pieces firing rounds at targets that the FO's genuinely know about. Using the BIS artillery module functionality hidden within. Leaving the user with a nice graphical way of creating opposition artillery.

Mission designers need to be aware of the ranges of different artillery objects. Basic ranges can be found at:
It is not intended to be deadly accurate, though the default mortars still pack a real punch if detonating nearby.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:


ACE Compatibility:
I have tested it with ACE, and it seems to work fine with the standard BIS artillery objects, but I can't get the ACE 60mm mortar to work (ACE_M224) unfortunately.

- Added: Distance given in "debug" mode is referenced to the first artillery unit synced to the module if using placed units. Module is used for dynamically placed units.
- Added: Marker range circles showing ranges when using "debug" mode.
- Improved: FO's will now only call missions from one battery at a time if they are synced to multiple AI FO modules. If using multiple batteries and FO's will more likely spread the fire missions around the different FO's better.

- Changed: The code checking for night to be more realistic. FO's now mix up the ILLUM/HE combination differently depending on the amount of ambient moonlight at night using the moonIntensity command. Night time is found more correctly using hte night SunOrMoon command.
- Changed: The AI schedule ILLUM/HE missions with realistic spcing rather than randomly selecting which type on a percentage like die roll.
- Changed: The prediction algorithm slightly to reduce fire mission calculation time.
- Added: A sample mission to observe the new ILLUM changes, Note the FO's still require themselves to not have NVG's for them to call ILLUM.
- Fixed: Report log when trying to add binoculars to a unit that already had a pair.

- Updated the prediction algorithm when units are on a road.
- Tweeked the general prediction algorithm's lead caculations.
- The BIS artillery module now gives the artillery units all the available ammo types by default. Because of this the below changes were made.
- Set the default SADARM ammunition type count to zero. By default these specialised rounds shouldn't be available I believe.
- Updated the sample missions. No need to manually set specialised ammo types to the artillery units, they now get them by default.

~Note: Use the ammo type number of fire missions counters to set which types are available and how many missions they can deliver.

- Added AI from the same group may attempt to move to a dead FO and retrieve his FO ability.
- Added code to prevent unlimited ammunition from the artillery.
- Improved the efficiency of the code slightly.

** The addition of ai members retrieving the FO abilities means you don't need as many FO's synched in case some die. Though if the new wannabe FO dies before grabbing the ability, no further attempt is made to pass on the ability.

- Fixed Displaying of the artillery ranges broken in 1.1
- Added sample missions

- Added SADARM,WP and SMOKE firemission types if the artillery have those types of ammunition.
- Added check to gather if a unit is in combat, and alter lead values less if they are.
- Added the ability to add FO's dynamically during a mission.
- Added a check to terminate the FO's scripts if the artillery units are eliminated.
- Changed Blakes_Fall_of_shot marker displays round type and type of target to help mission designers with analysing their missions.
Note the SADARM is very powerful, especially if used against human players.
In the next version I want to add counters specific to each round type.

- Added the ability to sycronize your own placed artillery from the editor.
- Added a counter for each FO to track how many fire missions they have called.
- Added an object variable that toggles whether an individual FO is able to call fire missions.
- Added a debug mode where at the startup of the module it will display when tested locally the minimum and maximum range of the modules artillery group. I also displays the distance from the aifo module position to the first synced FO. This should greatly improve placement of artillery so it is in effective range.
- Removed the salute(shielding eyes from the sun ) animation from units that start with a weapon.
- Raised the maximum speed that the FO will target.
- Changed the minimum safe distance to friendly units. This will now increase with the range between the artillery units and the target. Lessening the chances of friendlies being caught, though it also lowers the chances of ai calling in a fire mission if units are to close too.

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