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***** Update *****

Nielsen informed us he released a hotfix in which he fixed the CRM readme. The command for setting number of markers was wrong.
If you already downloaded version 0.20 make sure to grab the new version!


Nielsen informed us he released an updated version of his Civilian Interaction Module on the BI forums.
When this module is placed on the map it allows players to order civilians to the ground, inside houses or out of the area in a second.

    Quote Nielsen :
    As time in real life is getting more sparse these next weeks, I thought I might as well release where I'm at with the addon right now.
    Some important bugfixes, and the addition of some new features are in this release. The new 'Reaction Module' still only has 4 types of events, and they prolly need some tweaking. I'll look into that when I have time.
    There has been some changes. Make sure to read the readme.pdf for instructions on how to use the new modules.

    And please let me know what you think!

    • Fixed:
        - Audio now fades with distance.
        - Clients can now properly remove items/weapons from civilians in MP via new 'Remove Belongings!' actions.
        - ALL publicVariables are now (really) handled with CBA.
        - Optimized several scripts.
        - Actions in the 'Interaction' module are now fully persistent.
    • Changed:
        - CIM has been split into the 'Interaction module' and an 'Extraction module'.
        - The verbal commands now override civilian animations.
    • New:
        - The 'Extraction module' is compatible with OPFOR and Resistance.
        - The 'Extraction module' is fully configurable for custom choppers and crew.
        - CIM has a new module: the 'Reaction module' or "cRm". It can cause random civilian events.
        - When running cRm civilians will sometimes have "evidence" items on them.

Written on 2011-12-13 22:22 by Foxhound  

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