Author: bobtom
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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.25

Date: 2012-09-14 09:03

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Dynamic Zombie Sandbox


This mission was made to accomplish a couple things I wanted to see in zombie missions. The first being island independence. You can change the .chernarus on the pbo file to any other island and the mission will work. The only thing on the map is the playable characters. Everything else is generated via scripts.
Along with map independence I wanted as much randomness as possible. The player will be spawned at a random town or position on the map. Vehicles spawn next to buildings with random vehicle types with random weapons inside. Military vehicles spawn by military buildings, civilian with civilian. The players weapon, if he chooses to start with one, will be randomly chosen also. A lot of things are also choose-able in the parameters screen.

This comes in 3 versions:
  • CO version (Flagship version):
      Requires patch 1.62 of ArmA 2 Combined Operations. No other mods/addons required.
  • OA version:
      Requires patch 1.60 of ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead . No other mods/addons required
  • A2 version:
      Requires patch 1.10 of ArmA 2 or ArmA 2 Free. No other mods/addons required

Parameter options:
Terrain detail
Friendly fire damage
Debug Mode (shows position of zombies and vehicles)
Building Destruction
Volumetric Fog
Time of Day
Multiple Tasks
Game Modes (Change the mission completely from default) - wip
Player Start Position
Player Start Weapons
Player Start Items
Ambient Animals Sheep don't go away when zombies come.
Super Zombies (horde variable)
Maximum Aggro distance
Zombie density per km
Minimum Spawn Distance
Type of weapons to be spawned in vehicles
Whether zombies spawn all over the map or just in towns
Vehicle types (civilian, trucks, all, military, dependent on building)
Amount of vehicles (want 40fps or 10?

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

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  • Note about mapscreen:
    Once you load (if you are server) a loadscreen will appear. Wait until that is done, then wait until the task appears in your list. The longer you wait in the mapscreen the less chance of anything getting messed up, but that chance is a lot less likely now. Fasttime was added so you can experience the whole day in a shorter time. Its a parameter if you don't like it.

    Author notes:
    As you know we don't get paid for this mod, I've put a lot of my free time into it. If you want to keep DZS going and promote future features feel free to donate as much as you wish. Also for any donation over 10 USD we will send a DZS wristband to you home. Just include your address when you donate.

    Credits & Thanks:
    Dethorath - Helped a lot with sounds and testing
    Tonic - As usual, being great.
    VVC team
    Loyal players
    Everyone who hosts the mission
    Celery for making the zombies!! (and ArmA 3 MP)

    And a shoutout to all the people who make fan art and custom loading screens! They are great! Thank you!

    Bug #38458: Zombies stop spawning.
    Bug #38459: FPS drops for everyone
    Bug #38461: Side missions and markers don't update on Jip
    Bug #38466: Base sidemission spawn on already existing base
    Bug #39635: Zombies with loot would stay on the map indefinately
    Bug #39637: Players lost NVGs on respawn
    Bug #39648: Disable "E" parameter was broken.
    Bug #39649: Dead players clog up mission.
    Bug #39783: Entering Searchlights Kill Nearby Zombies
    Bug #40008: Markers wouldn't work if the sidemission was called twice.
    Bug #40009: On zargabad, people spawn at bottom corner of map.
    Bug #40028: Sidemission Marker Variable Error
    Bug #40166: Vehicle damage at start is messed up
    Bug #40167: With new zombie scripts, zombies attack too fast.
    Bug #40216: Mission marker was not deleted for JIP
    Bug #40738: Changing weapons spawning parameter didn't work.
    Feature #41869: Added Helicopters
    Feature #41870: Bandage Counter on the bottom of screen.
    Feature #46235: New GameMode: Infected
    Feature #46282: New GameMode: Clear out a town (Beta)
    Feature #46338: Random Hordes
    Feature #46717: Repair, Refuel and Ammunition vehicles
    Task #39633: Convert Celery's zombie scripts to .FSM format
    Task #39636: Create a new spawning system, and make it .FSM

    v1.0 Hotfix2
  • N/A

  • v1.0 Hotfix
  • Fixed error in the mission.sqm of the OA version

  • v1.0
  • Roadmap found at Devheaven
  • Bug #30290: Ammobox Sidemission
  • Bug #30291: Time doesn't sync to JIP
  • Bug #30292: Markers do not update to JIP
  • Bug #30293: Helicopter crash is still bugged
  • Bug #30307: Refresher.sqf kills off all units that are not players
  • Bug #30313: Picking up objects (To put in cars)
  • Bug #30352: Sometimes players spawned in a mob of zombies
  • Bug #30359: Long trains of cars can be made!
  • Bug #30362: Car/object list doesn't get updated on dedicated sometimes.
  • Bug #30374: Massive Lag
  • Bug #32855: Objects get placed floating
  • Bug #35643: Start with no map and no weapons parameter sometimes doesn't work.
  • Feature #30314: Parameter to choose how many weapons will spawn in side missions. (Ammo cache's)
  • Feature #30364: Apocalypse Siren on siren poles
  • Feature #32590: Weapons in buildings
  • Feature #32628: Parameter to get rid of sidemission markers
  • Feature #32725: Random Weather Option
  • Feature #32805: Sidemissions loop
  • Feature #32806: Increase Respawn timer
  • Feature #32808: More robust player position finder script
  • Feature #32809: Make weapon finding script more efficient and with more features.
  • Feature #36039: Spawn just outside of towns
  • Task #30353: Remove GPS -- Allows cheating
  • Task #35603: Expand the "Players start together" parameter

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