Author: RAIZEN
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Requirements: RHS Hind
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-07-05 14:54

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{R.O.S} MP Mission pack

Mission info:
    {R.O.S} Coop 10 players Nuit ecarlate: Kill any presence in the zone of estrella. No civil must die.

    {R.O.S} Coop 13 players Opération de routine:
    You must take again the village of somato held by the royalist army.

    {R.O.S} Coop 12 players Opération coup de poing:
    The operation aims at weakening the Russian army in the area of bagango. Once unloaded on the zone you must fill several objectives (destruction of fuel dépot, déstruction of a warehouse of weapons, élliminé 2 officers, and to destroy warehouse of logistics.)

    {R.O.S} Coop 12 players Feux ardent:
    take the chopper MI-24 present in the heliport with the squad bravo. After having recovered the MI-24, you can use it for eliminated any ennemy presence in the Russian barracks located at north from the heliport.

    {R.O.S} Coop 6 players communication breakdown:
    Kill any ennemy Russian and to destroy the radio antenna presents in the barracks.

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