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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: 14 Man Multiplayer Cooperative

Version: 2.00

Date: 2012-02-14 08:14

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14 man coop mission (Very long domination style).
Infiltrate enemy locations and destroy targets with C4.

The base has a teleport flag with options to Teleport to Leader, MHQ vehicle or Blackhawk transport. You can teleport to the leader when the leader is alive on foot or if he is in a vehicle, provided that there is an empty gunner seat, commander seat, or cargo seat available in the leaders vehicle - for you to teleport to.

The base ammo crate has all weapons, ammo, gear etc and offers the option to save your current loadout. If you do not save your current loadout, you will respawn with the weapons you died with.

The Littlebird and Ka-60 Choppers have both been equipped with additional rockets and other ammunition. Tanks at base have also been equipped with additional ammunition.

All Vehicles can be repaired or flipped, but you must first disembark.

There is a helipad at base that will rearm, refuel and repair all vehicles (not players) and also add any extra rockets and other ammunition to any vehicle that were originally given additional ammunition.

All players can deploy either a static weapon or call a missile strike - depending on the role they have chosen in lobby before joining the battle. Various player specific static weapons are available to choose from in lobby. Static weapons can be deployed every 10 minutes. Deploying a new static weapon will delete the old one. Static weapons cannot be repaired. Players that can call missile strikes cannot deploy static weapons, but they can instead call a single air-to-ground missile strike every 2½ minutes. When deploying a static weapon or calling a missile strike a global chat message will announce that you have done so - letting all players know. A hint message will appear when the wait-time has passed letting you know that a new static weapon or missile strike is available for your use. Missile Strikes do require the use of a laser designator.

The Leader can deploy a static weapon and also deploy a Rally Point every 10 minutes. The Rally Point is a small bunker that comes with a small ammo crate with limited gear. The Rally Point also has a teleport flag(to base) and optional deploy/stow camo cover.

All players can build sandbag cover. This is very useful for constructing small defense positions or for simply covering your ass when taking heavy fire. Sandbags can be deployed fast and if you like legos, you can get carried away having fun building nests and or long walls. Sandbags are double stacked, so they can be deployed on steep hills and not appear as though they are hovering in mid air.

Using a simplified chopper lift script... The Blackhawk can lift almost any vehicle, the Ka-60 can lift all varieties of HMMWV's and the Littlebird attack chopper and Littlebird transport can both lift ATV's. The Blackhawk can also deploy/stow camo cover, but does not deploy an ammo crate.

The MHQ Vehicle can deploy and ammo crate, optional camo cover and also deploy ATV's. The MHQ engine must be off before you can use the deploy options. You can only teleport to the back of the MHQ vehicle when the engine is off and when it is on the ground - in case it is currently being air-lifted.

ATV's at base as well as any ATV deployed from the MHQ vehicle - have been equipped with 2 MAAW Launchers, 12 MAAW rockets, 2 M110 Night Vision rifles and 24 magazines. This is great for players that just want to head for the hills on an ATV and then snipe and fire rockets at enemy from far away. Like all vehicles, ATV's can be flipped and or repaired.

All vehicles will respawn at base when destroyed after 15 seconds and continue to use any scripts that were in use before the vehicle was destroyed. Vehicles left abandoned in the field will respawn after 30 minutes except for MHQ and Blackhawk which will remain in the field indefinitely or until destroyed. ATV's that were deployed from the MHQ will not respawn when destroyed.

There are 5 main enemy AO's (Area of Operation), but only one AO will be assigned at a time. Each enemy AO has 3 targets that need to be destroyed with C4. As each target is destroyed - the target map markers will vanish off the map, and when all 3 targets in the AO are destroyed - the AO marker will vanish and the objective will be set as completed. A new far away objective will then be assigned and will be marked on the map with a new AO marker and 3 target markers along with an on-screen assignment message and chime.

There are no medics. All players are equipped with Medkits that fully heal. I did this because my friends were tired of the frequent revive, drag and carry bugs. We were also tired of spending more time trying to revive each other than actually shooting at enemy. When you are injured a global chat message will announce “Ahh!” letting your teammates know that you are hurt, but it's up to you to heal yourself when needed. Player and vehicle respawn time is 15 seconds.

Enemy are spawned in this mission and the dead are eventually hidden and deleted. I did this to keep things from getting laggy. After destroying an assigned target, enemy reinforcements might spawn far away and move in to attack. This could be anything from enemy ground vehicles, air vehicles, ground troops or transport choppers that drop troops, so just when you think it's clear - it's probably not. Enemy AI skills are also tweaked to be more human like, so no more getting hit between the eye by an RPG from 400 meters away. Also, if you are under fire, it is better to keep moving and the enemy will be more likely to miss hitting you.

The main Base is located in Feruz Abad, which is the most central area in Takistan. At the base, I removed a few buildings, tall poles, fencing, and garage roof to make it easier for choppers to maneuver and air lift vehicles. I also set the base walls, buildings and each object in the base to be indestructible to keep the base intact.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

Scripts used:
Remove Dead by Celery.
Chopper Lift by Giallustio - edited.
Launch Missile by Venori - edited.
Enemy Spawn by Murklor.
Vehicle Respawn by Tophe.
Intro cameras by Tophe - edited.
Save Loadout - by Bon.
Taskmaster JIP compatible tasks and notes - by Shuko.
MHQ Deploy/Stow options - help from sxp2high galzohar.
All other scripts - by SUICIDAL

Known issues:
Tasks and notes should work fine for players that join in progress, but the target map markers might not appear inside the AO of their current task. I could remedy this by simply removing all target markers, but I decided to leave them for the non JIP players. Join in progress players will see all map markers for new tasks that were assigned after they joined.

I did not design this mission for the die hard realism junkie, instead this mission was designed for players that just want to have fun with friends and host from their computer or create a lan game with friends. This mission might work fine on a dedicated server, but it was not tested on one.

  • Fixed bug with "Teleport to Blackhawk" from base flagpole.
  • Fixed bug with some players not deploying static weapons correctly.
  • Fixed bug with players spamming "Ahh!" multiple times when injured.
  • Fixed bug with deploying camo removes fuel from MHQ and Blackhawk.
  • Added more rockets to KA-60 and AH-6J choppers

  • Credits & Thanks:
    Special thanks to everybody at Bis Editing Forums.

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