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Requirements: Arma 2, @MARKB50K_Apocalypse (included)
Island(s): Celle, Chernarus, CLAfghan, Dingor, Emita, Fallujah, FDF's Podagorsk, Isla Duala, Island Lingor, Island Panthera, Isola Di Capraia, Jade Groove, Kolgujev, Malden, Nicosia, Qom Province, Takistan, Tasmania 2010, Tigeria, Tora Bora, Tropica, Utes, Zargabad
Playable options: N/A

Version: 5.03

Date: 2012-11-27 06:39

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APOCALYPSE is a "fire-and-forget" whole island battle mission. I give you a ton of options to organize what factions (including many supported faction addons) into either a 2 sided or 3 sided war. When the mission starts you will be flown into the battle area with your allies and thats when the fun begins. Each side will invade, attempt to take the island with an ever updating strategy. Each side will automatically receive reinforcements periodically (you can view your own reinforcement queue) until all their reserves run out.

The mission ends when all camps on the island are controlled by one side.

This mission takes alot of code from my prior mission LOST and adds in the whole island war scenario

Really, if you've ever wondered how the US and USMC would do fighting beside eachother against the Russians, or the Takistanis, or the Royal Sahrani Marines. Or if you ever wanted to fighting IRAN vs Takistan, or even IRAN vs IRAN.. this is it. Its easy to set up and you get instant strategic war.

- supports all islands from LOST
- supports all factions from LOST
- Choose any configuration of sides and alliances
- 2 sided or 3 sided battle
- with Config files, you can have certain factions (listed above) on any side (including having them on different sides against eachother)
- Each side can start off with troops already on the ground, rest will be flown in automatically
- Each side has a rolling reinforcement queue, until all forces are used up.
- You can review your side's incoming reinforcement queue.
- Each side can spawn partisans from unsearched homes (so, searching homes can prevent enemy partisans from popping up in controlled areas)
- Airpower now includes all Cargo planes, CAS sorties, and fighter sorties from included factions
- Player point system where you gain "support points" by kills and capturing camps

- REQUEST REINFORCEMENTS that will join you (by using support points)
- Infantry
- Combat Vehicle
- AA Vehicle
- SF team
- Transport Helo
- Gunship Helo
- CAS aircraft
- Fighter aircraft
- Support vehicle

- REQUEST SUPPORT: An AI squad will come to your location to provide support
- You can request a transport helo to come to you.
- Once inside the helo, you can request a drop off point (will parajump you in)
- refuel, reammo, ambulance, repair vehicle will come to your location. you can then relase them when you are done with them.
- All other group types will patrol (search and destroy) area you select

- GROUP ICONS: By Default, Group Icons will show in both the 3D Hud and 2D map. You can configure it through the COMMS menu. Realize that just because you can see the icons, does not mean that they are under your command (High Command module). The only way you will get groups under your control is by requesting reinforcements. When they arrive they will join you.

Place the pbo file in your Arma2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

Supported Islands:

Supported Mods:
--if you load these mods the mission will automatically include these units in the FACTION configuration screen

Configurable Mods:
--Using one of my provided Config file will allow you to use these mods on any side of the battle
**you have to actually have loaded the original mod to use my config of that mod***

  • new : in MISCELLANEOUS menu (0-8-6) option to 'unstick' stuck AI. sometimes AI just wont move lots of time due to either being stuck in a pistol holding animation or sometimes after emerging from water. I've seen this in the vanilla game as well. now you can go up to an AI and select this and the AI will be 'unstuck'.
  • new : for other AI, code will attempt to unstick AI periodically on its own in the background
  • tweak : LOST mode - when loading cache on vehicles, better handling of loading back on vehicle it was just unloaded off of.
  • numerous small bug fixes

  • Credits & Thanks:
    Scripts inspired by:
    "Dynamic Weather" by RUBE
    "Random Position Generator" by Shuko
    "Group Manager / Equipment Editor" by Clayman
    "High Command Extensions" by DomZ
    "MIP (updated ALICE/SILVIE modules)" by & zGuba
    "AI Unit Caching" by (AEF)

    BI for Arma2
    Obviously Clayman for the initial inspiration.

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Arma 2
    - @MARKB50K_Apocalypse (included)

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