E3 2012 - First Arma 3 coverage

The Gamespot Live Cam Tour visitted the Arma 3 bunker on the E3 2012 and sat down with Ivan Buchta to view some contents of what Arma 3 has to offer.
We made up a list of things mentioned during the presentation:
  • A kind female wants the Gamespot reporter to come back ina few hours (she tries this every year)
  • Community Alpha has been postponed:
    • The game physics need to be improved and until they have been improved they will delay the Community Alpha.
  • There will be some kind of mod/addon manager implemantation/integration
  • Some footage of the User Interface and Inventory screen
  • Some underwater footage
  • Performance of the presentation version looks to be very smooth
  • Physics do indeed not look finsihed when watching a vehicle tumble down hill
  • Improved reload animation
  • Improved steering, hands move with the wheel
  • You can disarm sea mines
  • Camp Maxwell
    • Offers different mission selections
    • Offers different practise areas like shooting ranges etc
  • Character control seems to be very smooth
  • Ivan Buchta likes DayZ..... a lot!
  • Jay Crowe (in the background) emphasizes how much Ivan likes the new chemlights.

The first video of the E3 Arma 3 presentation by Gamespot is kindly provided by KrAziKilla:

For all the latest Arma 3 intel, please visit or track them via: Arma 3 information topics:Discuss Arma 3 on our forums.
Many thanks to KrAziKilla for sending us his uploaded videos!

Written on 2012-06-05 20:20 by Foxhound  

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