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Short description: This is another debug console. It supports saving and loading snippets (in game only though) and you can specify where to run the code.

Date: 2012-06-09 13:14

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Simple Developer Console


This is another debug console. I got tired with the others. Too bloated or annoying in some way so I created my own with just the features I need. Maybe someone else can use it (maybe you?).

It supports saving and loading snippets (in game only though) and you can specify where to run the code.

Installation / Usage:
You just have to activate the addon. To use it press SHIFT+PAUSE/BREAK (that button next to scroll lock).
There are more detailed information in the readme in the zip.

Look at howto.jpg for a quick overview.
*** Can be used in single player (including editor) and also in MP but you need admin rights (be admin or host).
*** GUI will be shown by pressing SHIFT+(PAUSE/BREAK)
*** To use just have the addon activated.
*** If you somehow need to manually open the console without the key combo then use:
createDialog "SDC_SimpleDebugConsole";

Really the image says it all, but boring text is here.
- Bottom left is code field. Here you write code.
- Top left single line field is argument field. Value here (eg. an array) will be available as '_this' in code field.
- Top right buttons numbered #1 to #10 are where snippets can be stored. Rightclicking on a button stores the text in the code field. A left click on a button restores the snippet and replaces the code field.
- Combobox (dropdown) allows selection where code will be run. Local means only on your machine. Remote means everywhere else. Global means both local and remote.

Credits & Thanks:
PvPscene (kju) - for showing me nifty trick to init without requiring users to do anything.

- On kju's tip I've made it so you don't need to do anything to activate it anymore (other than activate the addon of course).
- Minor fixes
- There was a bug that meant it didn't remember snippets across mission loads; this is fixed now.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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