AAS gamemode : Advance & Secure: Fallujah by Recon[UGAF]

Recon[UGAF] has submitted this modified version of Giallustio's Advance & Secure mission.

    Quote Recon[UGAF] :
    Based on Giallustio's original Advance & Secure mission I have ported it, with his help over to Fallujah.

    Changes from the original:
    • Player can now set view distance himself by pressing 'T' (Server admin can still set default in mission parameters)

    • Player can leave his current group and join a new one using 'Team Status' in the scroll menu.

    • Changed the base so that players have more protection from hostile fire and added limited defensive capabilities (Thank you Giallustio!).

    • Amended costs of support assets (Helicopters etc) & increased maximum funds to 40,000.

Written on 2012-06-18 06:49 by Recon  

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