Carrier Command: Mini-game-series! Carrier Command: Recruits launches
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Korneel van 't Land informed us Carrier Command: Recruits has been launched.
Visit the recruits page to read all about it.

    Quote :
    Prague, Czech Republic, Thursday 26th July 2012

    Induction – After decrypting an unknown video transmission last week, Bohemia Interactive has revealed Carrier Command: Recruits – an episodic series of free mini-games connected by an overarching storyline. It lets players sample the Carrier Command vibe while enabling them to win a digital copy of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission.

    Spread over four episodes, Carrier Command: Recruits follows the player as he or she obtains the position of Technical Analyst for the UEC - the protagonist's faction. The story is set right before the events in Carrier Command: Gaea Mission and requires players to unravel a mysterious plot by completing a diverse set of challenges. The first episode, 'Head Hunting', has been released today and invites players to an UEC recruitment session.

    Korneel van 't Land, Brand & PR Manager at Bohemia Interactive, elaborates:
    “While we're gearing up for Gamescom, where many people will get to go hands-on with Carrier Command: Gaea Mission for the first time, this mini-games-series jumps in as an entertaining and free initiative to give people an early taste of the main game's atmosphere.”

    As they puzzle and sneak their way towards the series' conclusion, people will come a across a variety of familiar and unfamiliar game concepts – each taking about 15 minutes to complete. After today's release of episode 1, the second and third episode will be made available over the course of the next two weeks. The final chapter is scheduled for August 9 - and will require an extra dose of willpower to beat.

    Last but not least, those who complete an episode, and share their progress on Facebook or Twitter before August 20th, will be able to win 1 of the 5 available digital copies of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission for Windows PC (including access to the beta).

    The first episode of Carrier Command: Recruits - 'Head Hunting' - is now available at

      Carrier Command: Recruits Features
    • Join the United Earth Coalition as their top Technical Analyst and help them to uncover an elusive plot to sabotage the UEC’s Gaea Mission
    • Test your abilities in a series of Carrier Command themed mini-games - featuring an entertaining variety of familiar and unfamiliar game-concepts
    • Seize the opportunity to win 1 out of 5 digital copies of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (including beta-access) by completing and sharing any of the Carrier Command: Recruits episodes before August 20th

    To learn more about Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, be sure to check out the E3 2012 presentation video.

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