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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2
Signed: Yes, key included

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Date: 2008-07-13 09:46

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- TrueIntro v1.0
- TrueIntro v1.0
- TrueUI v1.0
- TrueInGameUI v1.2
- TrueHeadMovement v1.1
- TrueFov-Accurate v1.1
- TrueFov-Original v1.1
- TrueMovementSound v1.1
- TrueCrosshair-Cadet v1.2
- TrueCrosshair-Veteran v1.2
- TrueNVGoggles v1.0
- TrueRadar-Cadet v1.0
- TrueRadar-Veteran v1.0
- TrueVehicleNoise v1.0
- TrueCanLockOnMissileOnly v1.0
- True1stPersonPOV v1.0

- #TrueUI_OverrideQG v1.0
- #TrueInGameUI_ShowAmmoCount v1.0
- #TrueInGameUI_ShowDialogBackground v1.0
- #TrueCrosshair-Veteran_ShowUnitTags v1.0

- "Disabled PBO's" folder - If you don't want to run 1 or more of these mods, simply drag the unwanted _.pbo to the "Disabled PBO's" folder. If you later want to enable it, simply drag it back out.

Make sure to delete any old versions of the truemod and/or trueview mods you have installed before using this!!!

1) Drag \ copy \ extract the folder "@TrueMods" to your ArmA directory
(ex. C:Program Files \ ArmA \ "@TrueMods")

- Then either:
    1) Create a shortcut for the ArmA executable with the following command line: -mod=@TrueMods

    2) Download Kegety's Launcher v1.11 and just add the folder name "@TrueMods" to "Options > Mods > Mod Directory Name". Then save and check the box to enable the mod on the right hand side.

- If you want to play with the"TrueCrosshair-Veteran.pbo", just swap "TrueCrosshair-Cadet.pbo" with "TrueCrosshairVeteran.pbo" (It is in the folder "TrueCrosshair Optional-Backup" folder inside the AddOns folder. The same thing goes for "TrueFov" and "TrueRadar").

- If you want to use the #Extra's, just drag whatever you want out of the #Extra's folder into the main "AddOns" folder with every other pbo.

Included files:

-Durg for beta testing and solving the NormalMap issues for "True1stPersonPOV".
-Ghost for beta testing various components.
-SWAT-guy for beta testing various components.
-Sickboy, ViperMaul, and various other people for feedback and suggestions.

You are free to distribute TrueMods as long as they are the original and unmodified addons.

Do not modify and distribute parts of TrueMods without my permission. Just ask, that's all.


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