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Version: 1.73h

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Date: 2008-04-05 16:34

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Airlift is a fully dynamic and repeatable chopper pickup service that mission editors can add to their mission with great ease.

1.) Extract the Contents of the Zip to the Missions folder found in your MyDocuments\Arma\Missions folder.
2.) Copy the TJ72_CPUp folder from the AirLIFT Mission folder into your Airlift intended mission folder.
2a.) Add the line from the init.sqs file into your init file.
3.) Copy the init file into the mission folder if you do not currently have an init.sqs file in your mission folder.
4.a) Load your Mission in Arma in the Editor.
Merge the mission into your Airlift intended mission in the Editor with the Merge button.
5.) Place the Helicopters and units in the intended base Area with the ebas01 logic as it is referenced in the code for the base location. Place the Airbase to your specifications. The Map has areas that are more condusive than others.
6.) Save your mission and exit or Alt Tab out of Arma.
7.)Configure TJ_Init.sqs so your players can access Airlift.

For more explanation how to use this scripts in your mission read the included readme.txt

AIRLIFT Uses Actions and Mapclick to deliver a sleek interface system to call an Airlift to your specifications.
You simply start the Airlift Action in your Action menu. You are then asked to mapckick to update your LZ poisiton, leave as is or select Immediate Pickup.

With Immediate Pickup the chopper will fly a direct route to your current position only.
You will be prompted to mapclick to set your destination LZ and The chopper will take a direct route to that destination LZ. Use Immediate pickup for fast direct Transport.

Once the Chopper reaches its Vector position (covered later) It becomes available for LZ2 Reroute. With mapclick again, you reset your destination mid-flight. This can act as a move-able waypoint device as the mapclick stays active untill LZ2 Position is reached.

If, on the other hand, you decide to reset your LZ pos you will be prompted to set your Incoming and departing Vectors. With Three simple clicks you configure your Airlift approach and depature scheme. This is designed for enemy avoidance and a kind of stealth or infiltration mode. You as the player can protect your Transport asset and yourself by carefully approaching your chopper in to a distant LZ so as to avoid blatant detection by enemy patrols and Anti Aircraft Barrage. Of course direct route can be easily configured in this mode as well.

The longer the distance to the LZ from base the more adjustment to the outside waypoints of the flightplan generated by Airlift so as to cut down on travel time but still maintain the approach vector.

In addition, the Transport will wait for its cargo for a good duration by default. It will also take off once loaded with the entire Airlift call group automatically. It allows for Advance takeoff overide should the need to leave group members behind arise at both LZ positions.

The Airlift has an Abort feature as well. It will allow the action to Abort up untill takeoff to second LZ. The Airlift will NOT reverse out of its approach vectors if Aborted near the LZ. Rather it will take a direct flight back to base.
In later versions this area may be enhanced.

Multiplayer compatibility. The system is designed to service multiple simultaneous requests with six Airlift assets that will be online and available untill called on mission. Once they are returned to base they are made ready and available for the next mission. Destroyed choppers will be removed from available status and not break the system.

You must assign the new base number in the transport arrays. So if Airlift 3 is at ebas02 you will see the arrays in TJ_INIT changed for that number.

etar03 = [3,0,0,2,0,0.......]
and if the base was 3 then that select 3 position would be 3. I have to update the readme. Otherwise the chopper wont make a proper flightplan because it will calculate from the wrong position.

Known Issues:
Not MP tested except for pure functionality of the script. Has not ben tested at peak usage (as in all Airlifts in use at same time to see if any issues etc)
Only tested on single server running on the same machine.

The server runs a script scan_srv that listens for events from the client. The client starts a refresh_all script when using Airlift to update reference arrays internally and loops every two seconds. Once Airlift finishes the run this script exits. No issues should arise with Network Lag due to these considerations. All scripts should release memory items when exiting with no left over or hanging scripts. Conditions all have timeouts incase never met with various settings.

Mission needs extensive MP testing to see limitations and weak points.

Many Thanks to The_Taurus and Manday for help with Multiplayer feedback systems and some .sqf prepping. The_Taurus again for help with Dedicated Server setup Q/A.
Also to Schwab for help with strings using Call compile and Publicvariable, which helped a great deal.
This project would not have ben completed with out their help.

Morticus, TEXAS *BDA*, vengeance1 -Testers for SP and MP Thanks guys!

Final Words:
Im very proud of this script because it represents my attempt to match the level of quality and attention to detail that I have seen in other peoples work through this games community going back to the age of OFP. This is my chance to show how inspiring and how impressive their work was to me. This project is my humble attempt to produce something for this game that is just a small fraction of what those who came before have done.

Keycat/Toadlife -Grouplink
Doolittle EnemySpawn
and many others....

Thank you for the inspiration!

- Beta released

v1.201 Beta
- FIXED- failure to take off if group loaded condition....
- FIXED- Choppers now use their exact starting postitions as their base positions to avoid landing in a crowded mess back at base (previously all shared same landing spot :p )

v1.5 Beta
- all major issues have ben fixed and the template/test mission has had succesfull repeated uses of the system.
- Added expression based Waypoint system, fast moves, long range, killed EH fixed, attempted to prevent collision requests with wait code and randomized timing
- FIXED- too much to mention. Many typos, and a few oversights by mission editor were corrected.
- This version is considered ready for public BETA testing through the BIS mission editing forumns.

- FIXED- Flightplan was not providing direct route to LZ over long distances. Tested at opposite ends of the island (Max dist) and appears to working.
- FIXED- Airlift was not repeatable after initial use. Only requests made before original flight was finished were working.

- Respawn script added to add action back in MP respawn situations.
- NEW- Paradrop Mode. Group can eject during flight over the map. LZ2 can be used as last waypoint for chopper to use before flying home.
- Fixed- Chopper not returning back to base due to bad timeout conditions.
- Changes- Made small adjustments to flyinheight and distance thresholds. Ran multiple tests in SP MP

-ADDED- PvP and proper East version of the mission template
-FIXED- Airlift getting stuck midair. There is a check if the Transport is stuck during flight and the most current domove command is re-sent in that case.
-ADDRESSED- Check for Player==Null before adding script to address JIP issues. NOT TESTED
-NEW- PvP mode. East and West teams have access to the system (their own choppers respectively) in same mission.
To use simply use the combined version of the mission template in the current version.
-ADDED- Tracking and direction marker
-ADDED- closest available chopper comes first.

-FIXED- Various bugs due to new features not being tested out.
Sped up mapclicks. Mark Tracker fixed. Radio Message spamming fixed.

Stability Update.
-ADDED- Additional failure code for grounded Airlift/ damagedd but not setroyed would lock up the cycle. Pilot sniped at LZ is accounted for. Fixed additional bugs relating to distance code for closest Airlift.
-NEW- Revive friendly, Call for Airlift action now removes properly. Thanks to vengeance1 for the heads up.
-FIXED- unnecessary loop for adding action was causing Call for Airlift action to not remove from menu.
-FIXED- Respawn code mistakeny deleted. Added back.

-FIXED- MP mission not adding action back if not dedicated server. Thanks for the bug snipe norrin!

-ADDED- Boat Drop Script. Airlift will drop a rescue boat if the caller is stranded at sea. Also Airlift can drop off on the water by spawning a boat for the player to use for water insertion.
-ADDED- Precision Landing toggle. More precise but slower landing cycle. Automatically used for Water based LZ's but by swithing the TJ_PRec_Land variable in the init to 0 for use on land. Default is disabled for land use.
-FIXED- No pilot is killed message at end of Airlift run.

-FIXED- Some typos left in code
-FIXED- Precision Landing over water has been tweaked for better speed

-ADDED-Anti Crashing Code added, chopper will attempt to raise flying height if crash is imminent
-ADDED- Tweaks for cruising altitude to attempt better flights over hilly terrain and Long Range distance threshold
-FIXED- Improved Long Range code to avoid heli hanging in air before resuming next Waypoint
-ADDED- Vector markers are now arrows that point the direction of travel for chopper

- Corrected an error where Airlift number four was breaking if the caller requested reroute.

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