Author: TankbusterSPAFF
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 2.6
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This addon used to be part of the IED kit and Rhapsody Core, a clan mission support addon, but is now released with just the IED parts.

Date: 2013-04-24 08:27

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tky IED kit addon & script


Script and Addon readme.
This version has many changes to previous versions. It works in the same way, but some filenames and stuff have changed. If you are using an old version, make sure you delete all of it before using this version. In particular the core script has changed its name to reflect it's different roles.

This addon used to be part of Rhapsody Core, a clan mission support addon, but is now released with just the IED parts.

The tky_IED addon contains an IED object with explosions, an IED disruptor, an IED detector with sounds, a few new ground clutter objects and an ammo cache with disruptors in it.
The IED model and the detector are just models, they need the scripts that come with this to work. The disruptor works just like a satchel, but won't kill any IEDs unless it too is used with the scripts.

Scripts are used to create the explosions for these IED, there's 4 types, increasing in lethality. The tiny one is half the power of a grenade and will wound anyone nearby. The big one is roughly equivalent to 1,500 lbs of explosives.

There are some new street clutter objects that the scripts hide the IEDs under. There are four new rocks, and four new plant objects. There's also two new objects that didn't have classnames which I've added - a wooden pallet with some bricks on it and a small metal basket type container.

The IED:
It is just a model, it doesn't explode unless you script an explosion, so think of it as inert IED, perhaps a training device. There are 3 custom explosions you can use, see further down this readme.
It looks like an old artillery shell half buried, at an angle on a little pile of rubbish with a detonator package strapped to it.
I you spawn it a little below ground level, it appears a bit smaller -maybe for anti-personnel devices.

The IED Disruptor:
Based loosely on the Canadian manufactured 29mm Neutrex waterjet IED disruptor.

In game, it's very similar to a satchel charge. It's carried in the same slot and occupies the same space as a satchel and it detonated in the same way. It's explosion is much smaller though - about the size of a hand grenade.

It's best used with eventhandlers. If you add a handledamage EH to a nearby object, when the disruptor goes off, that EH will fire and it's select 4 will return tky_Disruptor_A. This is different to how a satchel works which has unnamed muzzle so select 4, as described above returns an empty string. We named our muzzle and ammunition to get the functionality described above

The IED Disruptor Ammobox:
Primarily made for testing so we had a supply of disruptors (but left in the addon), this looks just the the US Basic Ammo box and contains 50 disruptors. Also contains some IED detectors.

The IED Detector:
This handheld IED detector has a range of around 12 meters and will beep when it's pointed at an IED. The closer you get, the faster the beeps. It only works when you're still and has a long life battery installed. It needs a client side script to work.

The small explosion:
Approximately the destrucive power of a small artillery shell, this will wound or kill foot soldiers. It'll lightly wound soldier in a car, but won't do much to a tank.

The medium explosion:
Approximately the desctructive power of a larger artillery shell, this will kill a squad of foot soldiers, probably kill a lightly armoured vehicle and will damage a heavy tank.

The big explosion:
It's big. More or less the same power as a couple of LGBs, this will kill and sometimes flip a main battle tank. It'll flatten a city block too.

Extra clutter objects:
I found (or rather the authors of the various editor upgrades found) a number of extra objects that can't be seen in the editor. They could be used as ground clutter under which IEDs might be hidden. So I gave them classnames so they can be spawned in the editor or by script. There's 4 rocks, a metal crate, a treestump, and a small wooden pallet with bricks on it.

If you have been using an old version, make sure you delete all of it before using this version!

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

For detailed information please refer to the readme.

classname: tky_IED
editor location: empty>IEDs> IED (it's the top one, the one without a number)

IED disrupter:
classname: tky_Disruptor
editor location: None. Techically it's a magazine so you can't place it, but it's in a special ammobox, see below.

IED disrupter ammobox:
classname: tky_Disruptor_AmmoBox
editor location: Empty>Ammo> IED Disruptors

IED detector:
classname: tky_detector_hand
editor location: None. It's a weapon, technically it's a pistol. Find it in the ammo box described above or spawn it by script.

Small explosion:
classname: tky_smallbomb
editor location: None. Spawn only by script. Same for the medium and big explosion.

Medium explosion:
classname: tky_mediumbomb

Big explosion:
classname: tky_bigbomb

Extra clutter objects:
classnames: tky_stone_1, tky_stone_2, tky_stone_3, tky_boulder, tky_metalcrate, tky_treestump, tky_brick_pallet
I've also configged and given a couple of plants and bushes classnames so they can be used as clutter in the same way.
classnames: tky_b_pinus, tky_b_pistacial, tky_c_grassgreen_grouphard

To the best of my knowledge, this doesn't work with ACE2 because of the way it changes the way the satchels work and my disruptors are, underneath, just low powered satchels. I won't be porting this to ACE, nor does anyone else have permission to do so.

Credits & Thanks:
The IED was made for me by RKSL Rock, config was by wld427 and Soul_Assassin. Thanks guys.
The IED Disruptor was made for me by RKSL Rock and configged by wld427 and Soul_Assassin. Thanks again, chaps. Lovely work on this.
The IED Disruptor Ammobox configged by wld427.
The IED Detector also made by RKSL Rock.

Project Manager and Coding: Tankbuster.
Models and configs: RKSL-Rock, Soul_Assassin and wld427.
Sounds: Bigpickle.
Other Content, Support and Testing: Sickboy, Rarius, Lincks, Bill70 and many others.

As ever, huge thanks to the army of people who've helped me and this along the way. Worthy of particular mention are RKSL Rock, wld427, Soul_Assassin without whom this simply wouldn't have happened.

- see the New stuff in 2.6.docx included in the archive

- complete remake. Many different changes

- new suite of scripts
- updated demo mission

- fixed some errors
- added some new features and models

- Added a couple of clutter objects that are in the game but didn't have a classname.
- Tweaked explosion strengths to be more in line with upcoming tky_ied scripts.

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- Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic (Full / Lite)
- Arma 2: Private Military Company (Full / Lite)

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