Arma2MapConverter (A2MC) by lotherk updated
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lotherk released an updated beta version of the Arma2MapConverter on the Armaholic forums.
This tool converts missions made in the 2D editor to sqf scripts to be able to dynaically load it when needed.

    Quote :
    Since me and part of my clan AvD (located in Germany) started writing our own mission type, we had the need of converting units/objects/markers and stuff placed in the 2D editor into sqf scripts to dynamically load these while playing our upcoming mission "AvD World" (shall be something between a RPG, Domination and CTI style mission type.)

    We searched the net a lot but only found out that there are some 3D to 2D converters but not the other way around. So I decided to write my own converter.

    I want to announce my first public beta release that has the features of converting units, groups and more. It is not yet stable because I now actually start using this tool in a productive way and there might cover up some bugs and the lack of features.

    • fixed dedicated server crash due to wrong set waypoints.
    • fixed trigger statements, had to be "this" by default, was "true".
    • empty vehicles are now (really) being created.
    • units beeing created are now using "NONE" as special for default, was "CAN_COLLIDE" before.

Written on 2012-11-17 21:04 by lotherk  

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