Author: Kempco
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.6

Short description: Includes custom dual purpose GPS, Bailout 02 simulation, and gear management system.

Date: 2013-02-20 21:10

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Includes custom dual purpose GPS, Bailout 02 simulation, and gear management system. Works in both single player (shown) and multiplayer (hosted and dedicated). Requires Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead and CBA. The Bailout 02 masks used in the script require the Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps addon by SchnapsdroSel.

While in free fall you can control your Rate of Descent using the Q and Z keys. Doing this, you can free fall in formation with AI units in your squad. They will break formation at 1100m.

This script will only work with the C-130J aircraft! The HC-130J only has 3 cargo positions.


Known issues:
When performing a water insertion in a hosted or dedicated environment, if nobody is in the driver seat and you haven't gotten your equipment back, DO NOT get in a cargo position then switch directly to the driver position. If you do, and you are not the server, the boat will be moved to [0,0,0] on the map when the boat changes locality.

Credits & Thanks:
Bailout 02 mask overlay by rocko.
The 7-75th Rangers for multiplayer testing.

- Fixed: Aircraft would not reset on dedicated servers.
- Fixed: Dialog control errors that referenced named IDCs that were undefined.
- Fixed: Osprey props would appear upside down to remote players.
- Fixed: Closing the GPS, then reopening broke the GPS.
- Fixed: C130 engine sound issues.
- Changed: Dummy/Decoy aircraft are created as side civilian to prevent markers from being visible.
- Changed: LZ marker now disappears once all players have landed.
- Changed: Bypass can be setup through vars defined in the editor. (See included readme for details).
- Changed: Reformatted init. (Cfgs in new locations so do not use an the old description.ext).
- Optimized: server fsm by removing unneeded PVEHs.

- Fixed: Info text Spelling Error
- Fixed: (ACE version) player gets hung up on aircraft and does not enter free fall
- Fixed: Hint text replaced with Titletext when called via PVEH. (Hint text is FUBAR'd)
- Fixed: Error in expression <(_this select 0) setIdentity (_this select 1)>.
- Fixed: Water inserts not working when using "Bypass"
- Changed: Distance to marker buffer now is constant in SP and MP.
- Changed: (SP) AI fsm now verifies unit is alive when chute is deployed.
- Added: Two bypass example missions.

v 1.4
- Changed: (Single Player) Must be a team leader to Setup HALO jumps as well as initiate takeoff.
- Changed: (Single Player) Script is initialized for all aircraft regardless of players side. This will allow player to team switch between sides.
- Fixed: Aircraft boarding lights not executing for remote players.

- New: CBA is no longer required.
- New: HALO insertions can now be performed with the MV22 Osprey.
- Added: Bypass HALO Setup Instructions.
- Fixed: Players using ACE would not appear to be in free fall to players not using ACE.
- Changed: Game logic JTK_Server no longer required.

- Fixed: Remove O2 mask action showing up when player was not wearing a mask (NON-ACE). Interfered with NVGs.
- Fixed: Multiplayer (Missing various vars and conditions from when I consolidated the SP and MP versions).
- Added: Detailed readme covers installaton/Integration and options.

- Fixed: Vehdrop Variable undefined (Water inserts not working).
- Fixed: GPS not restored to player.

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- BI forums

- Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps
- SpecOps, Mercs, BlackOps and OpFor units

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