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Requirements: Community Base addons

Version: 1.0
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Short description: Included in this weapon pack are 3 Remington 870's.

Date: 2013-01-02 12:19

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Remington 870 Shotguns


Included in this weapon pack are 3 Remington 870's. 1 Civilian variant, and 2 Police variants, the original model was made by commander566 on turbosquid and heavily modified and converted by myself.

The Civilian Shotgun has 3 Round buckshot and slugs and an illuminated bead style sight. The Police variants have 6 Round buckshot, slugs, and a beanbag ammo (for 3rd party scripting, these were made for Life mods, but work just as well for plain ol' shooting anything that moves). The 2nd Police variants also has a working Tactical Light. Both Police versions feature Illuminated rifle sights.

Personally, I don't think these shotguns are 100% perfect, but they are far from being terrible. If you find any major bugs let me know.

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Included pbo files:

Credits & Thanks:
BI Studio and RobertHammer for the Tactical Light
Dead3yez for the Buckshot script
commander566 for the original free turbosquid model
FuzzySquirrel for converting and modifying the 870 into the 870P

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