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Requirements: Community Base addons, Arma 2

Version: 1.31
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Short description: The aim of this small addon is simplifying as far as possible use of artillery led by AI in missions maded in editor

Date: 2014-01-28 14:33

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"Fire At Will" - Functional AI artillery


This is the Arma 2: Combined Operations version!
If you use Arma 2 Standalone you should use this version.

Purpose of the "Fire At Will" addon is to give in simplest way possible fully functional AI artillery to battlefield for those, who can't or simply refuse to learn script language but still want functional AI artillery in his Arma 2 missions. It was created because in my opinion it is illogical to force a player to learn script language and to study BIS_ARTY Module commands and variables even if he wants just to set up some AI artillery in his missions, while such knowledge is not required for any other types of AI combat units, which are fully functional without any scripting.

In summary: The aim of this small addon is simplifying as far as possible use of artillery led by AI in missions maded in editor

Addon supports all generic Arma 2 artillery units (howitzers: M119, D30; mortars: M252, 2B14; rocket systems: GRAD and MRLS).

Included .pbo files:

To use the FAW primary, Addon version in yours missions just set up some artillery batteries in editor and play with addon. Technically you also probably can play this way any other mission, but it's not recommended due to unpredictable changes on the battlefield, that are likely to ruin mission designers concept.

IMPORTANT NOTES: first: group of artillery must consist of the same kind of artillery units. Second: bombardment trajecory is calculated from position of leader such artillery group, so do not place leader far from rest of group.

To init FAW script version (in folder "Script version") place .sqf files in yours mission folder and following in init field of any unit or activation field of trigger:
nul=[] execVM "PrepArt.sqf";

More detailed instructions and info in the readme!

- minor code fixes.

- redesigned whole code;
- some bugs fixed;
- improved reliability;
- improved debug markers including shellView tool;
- handling of OA counterparts of A2 artillery pieces;
- AI will choose best kind of ammo on its own from possible HE, WP, SADARM;
- working ammo limitation;
- possibility of direct creating SMOKE and ILLUM salvos;
- movement predictor consideres roads.

v1.2 hotfix
- more bugs eliminated

- Fixed some bugs
- improved calculation of salvos drift
- added demo mission
- new PDF manual

- Fixed an error in the process of selecting the most advantageous target.

- Added an optional possibility to activate and deactivate script by defining and un-defining a global variable;
- added an optional possibility to selectively disable script control for up to 12 pieces of artillery;
- projectiles dispersion and salvos drift again adjusted;
- improved tracking of moving targets;
- fixed bug: AI did not take amendment for prevent "friendly fire" in "FO mode";
- fixed other minor bugs.

v1.1 beta
- Improved method of selecting and assigning targets;
- improved tracking of moving targets;
- projectiles dispersion and salvos drift was adjusted;
- added additional optional variables that enable introduction of separate FO units and test shots before main salvo, also regulation of accuracy growth as a result of amendments provided by the spotters.
(package contains also 1.0 version in "old" folder)

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