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Requirements: Ships, Naval Mines, and Naval Objects,

Version: 0.9.3b
Signed: No

Short description: This contains the fictional Takistani Armed Forces 2035

Date: 2013-02-04 07:37

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Takistani Armed Forces 2035


Takistani Armed Forces 2035 - my version of what a possible 2035 (ArmA III timeline) Takistani Army might look like. They sport more recent Russian-made gear and equipment, better vehicles, and new camouflage inspired by the Iranian hexacam camouflage pattern.

Story: In 2035, during the ongoing conflict in the Mediterranean, the Republic of Takistan (formerly the Kingdom of Takistan, before the revolution), allied with the Iranian Republic, pushes to regain control of the island of Capraia.

Infantry: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Men (2035)
Armor: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Armored
Cars: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Cars
Air: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Air
Support: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Support
Ships: OPFOR>Takistani Armed Forces 2035>Ships

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Included files:

Project is currently in beta (yeah, I skipped the whole WIP stage because it didn't take that long, being a mere reskin). That said, such things like proper groups are not finalized. Currently all infantry units use the same model. Other models will be added later. Oh, and the supporting background story for this addon will be fleshed out as well, later...

To Do:
Diversify the units and their models
Add L-39Z
Make groups

Credits & Thanks:
Bohemia Interactive - vehicle and aircraft models
vilas - VDV models (basis of the infantry models), IMI Galil/ARM, MG3
hcpookie - boat models and mines
RobertHammer - IMI TAR-21

-Added: Ka-60 to Air class
-Added: More groups (mechanized, some include helicopters)
-Updated: Changed vehicle, aircraft, and ship camo pattern to hexacam
-Updated: IMI TAR-21 MARS GL replaces M4A1 HWS GL (requires RobertHammer's HK416 Pack)
-Updated: IMI Galil ARM now replaces RPK; MG3 replaces PK (requires RobertHammer's HK416 Pack)

- Fixed: pbr_grey1.paa "missing" error
- Fixed: Units now have NVGs
- Updated: Camo pattern colors tweaked
- Added: IMI TAR-21 replaces the FN FAL (requires RobertHammer's HK416 Pack)
- Added: IMI Galil replaces the AKS-47 U (requires Vilas' West/Latin America Weapons Pack)
- Added: IMI Galil ARM replaces PK (requires Vilas' West/Latin America Weapons Pack)
- Added: M4A1 HWS GL replaces the M16A2 GL (requires Vilas' West/Latin America Weapons Pack)
- Added: 3 Groups (all mechanized)
- Added: Optional water-changing mod (makes the water more blue). Duala and Lingor override this though.

- Added: Ships class
- Added: L-39 to Air class
- Updated: Lightened vehicle camo textures
- Updated: Armed Forces helmets' now olive color to match uniforms

- Put all units under new faction "Takistani Armed Forces 2035"
- Enlarged camo textures for aircraft, removed Russian star
- Fixed "RUS_Desert_Soldier" error
- Fixed Takistan Flag Patch issue

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Ships, Naval Mines, and Naval Objects
- RH HK416 Pack
- West/Latin America weapons pack

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