Author: dylanplecki
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Requirements: Community Base Addons, ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)

Version: 2.0

Short description: This script allows players to view other players and their respective roles on their team

Date: 2013-02-06 01:35

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Team Roster Script


This script will make an entry in the map screen that will show all players and their unit's description, so leaders can now who their subordinates are, vice versa, and so on.

There are many features of this script, such as FireTeam coloring, Confidentiality, fully customizable text, and much more. Here is the list of "Settings" (in the parameters file) for the script:
GVAR(parameters) = [true,"    ",300,"Team Roster","true","","69"," - ","_",
"call CBA_fnc_players",[],"Team Roster (:SIDE:)","1","2"];
0 - ArmaGroup - Toggles whether to show Arma Group ID (ex. B 1-1-A or anything else set by the MM) (DEFAULT: true
1 - BeginningChar - Leading character to seperate Squad Members from their leaders, like an indent (DEFAULT: " ")
2 - CycleTime - Time between each update of the list in seconds (DEFAULT: 300)
3 - SubjectText - Text to be shown as the subject in the Map Screen(DEFAULT: "Team Roster")
4 - LoopCondition - Condition to end loop on return false (DEFAULT: true)
5 - StartingString - The initial string for all lines logged to the roster (DEFAULT: "")
6 - SpaceChar - Character(s) in a unit's name which will create a space in the printed diary entry (DEFAULT: "69")
7 - DividerChar - Character(s) that will serve as a divider for all parts of a line (DEFAULT: " - ")
8 - SplitChar - Character(s) that will end a unit's name (all text before the first instance of this character is used) (DEFAULT: "_")
9 - UnitArray - String of command for all units to be included in Roster (DEFAULT: "call CBA_fnc_players")
10 - SkippedUnits - Array of all units NOT to be included in Roster regardless of side (DEFAULT: [])
11 - HeaderText - Text to be shown above the Team Roster, ":SIDE:" represent's player's side (DEFAULT: "Team Roster (:SIDE:)")
12 - FireteamColor - Coloring of fireteams on the Team Roster, "0" = off, "1" = player's squad only, "2" = all units (DEFAULT: "1")
// 13 - Confidentiality - Controls who a player can see on their roster, "0" = leadership, "1" = player's squad + leadership, "2" = all units (DEFAULT: "2")

Put the included "scripts" folder inside your default missions directory, so your directory to this script looks like this: "__curMission__\scripts\teamRoster".

- The text BEFORE THE UNDERSCORE ("_", can be changed in the parameters file) of a unit's name will act as its description, so a unit with the name "Grenadier_1_4" will have a description of "Grenadier"
- If "69" appears before the first underscore, it will be turned into a space. So 69 = Space
Example - "Squad69Leader_1_4" = "Squad Leader"
Note: The "Space" character can be changed in the parameters file
- Arma Group Names can be changed by putting this into the leaders INIT field:
(group this) setGroupId ["1'4 Delta","GroupColor0"];
(without beginning and ending apostrophes, 1'4 Delta Squad can be changed)
- Add this next line of code to your init.sqf:
nul = [] execVM "scripts\teamRoster\init.sqf";
Add this line into init.sqf

Known Issues:
- Until BI comes out with a way to delete Diary Entries, this script may take up a little memory (About 60KB Total for 50 players on an hour long mission with standard 300 sec cycle)
- Formula for calculating Total Roster Size: Size(In KB) = (Number of players * .1) * (Mission Time / Cycle Time)

- Initial Release on Armaholic (Completely rewritten from 1.0)

Forum topic:
- United Operations forums

- Community Base Addons
- ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)

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