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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Remote controlled Unmanned Ground Vehicles for West, East, Independent.

Date: 2015-05-24 21:17

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UGV - Unmanned Ground Vehicles - SWORD, Adunok-M, MRK-27-BT


Remote controlled Unmanned Ground Vehicles for West, East, Independent.
These come in Woodland and Desert Camo.
- SWORD UGV (for West, Indepenedet) in 4 different versions: M240, M249, M249+M203, AA-12.
- Adunok-M UGV (for East, Independent) in PKM and AGS models.
- MRK-27-BT UGV (for East, Independent) armed with PKM, 2x RPG-18, and 2x RPO-A FAE

The remote contorl scripts are based on JSF 82nd Reaper's UGV remote control scripts.

UGV's for all sides. Independent benefits by having access to all UGV's! UGV's are found under new classes:
  • Opfor/Russia/UGV (Woodland) / Opfor/Russia/UGV (Desert)
  • Independent/Guerilla/UGV (Woodland) / Independent/Guerilla/UGV (Desert)
  • West/USMC/UGV (Woodland) / West/USMC/UGV (Desert)
You *must* be in the UGV's Commander seat to disconnect the remote control. Commander seat = "Main Camera" in SWORD and MRK, "Gun Camera" in Adunok.

Remote control is established via the action menu. You must:
1. Equip your player with the correct control terminal or enter the appropriate static RC terminal.
2. Select "Remote Control UGV" from the action menu. This displays a list of available UGV's in range, along with their map coordinates.
3. Select the desired UGV from the list. You will now move to the UGV camera view.
4. Move to the Commander (Main Camera) view to gracefully disconnect the remote control.

The Remote Control Terminal occupies a binocular/NVG slot. Any terminal can be carried and used, regardless of faction. Consider looting an enemy's RC Terminal to take control of their UGV!

The Static remote control terminals have a camo net for cover and can be disassembled into backpacks for portable field use. They also have a separate spotting scope.

The scripted function of the static terminal requires you to exit the terminal to select the UGV. Don't worry - your player will automatically re-enter the shelter when the remote control is established.

If you are in a group, you will leave that group while controlling the UGV, then rejoin the group when remote control is terminated.

Remote control range is 1000m for SWORD, Adunok, and 500m for MRK-27. Remote control signal will become unreliable at range limits. If remote control signal is lost, move closer to the UGV to re-establish connection.

UGV attributes
The SWORD UGV versions are the smallest of the group and have several armament configurations.

Adunok UGV is wheeled and therefore is faster and more maneuverable. It trades speed for armor - it is the least armored of the UGV's in this group.

MRK-27 UGV is formidable. It is equipped with a kevlar skirt over the body of the vehicle which makes it more armored than some vehicles. The RPO-A is a fuel-air explosive (FAE) that is best used against infantry and light vehicles. The MRK also benefits from its anti-tank weaponry and smoke grenades. The weapon rack can be raised up over the height of many obstacles and walls. The main camera can be independently raised higher for "over-the-wall" reconnaissance.

SWORD and Adunok UGV's also equipped with laser designators.

Your player (and group!) will assume the crouch position while remote control is active. Consider hiding behind cover before starting the remote control.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included files:

All UGV's found under new vehicle classes:
UGV - Woodland (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) / UGV - Desert (Unmanned Ground Vehicles)

Known issues:
1. MRK-27 creates RPT error "structure of turrets in config does not match the skeleton"... this appears to be a non-issue is being researched.
2. NOT YET MULTIPLAYER TESTED! MP testing is hopefully coming soon...
3. The Arma engine doesn't do well with very small vehicles in rough terrain. Some terrain issues (easy flipping etc) may occur. Try to find a clear path.
4. Using the mouse to turn such small vehicles can lead to flipping and loss of control. Recommend using keyboard to steer! If the UGV goes into a "steering loop" try switching from the driver view to get the AI to regain control of the vehicle. This sometimes works... also, don't try to drive over large rocks!
5. The SWORD and MRK-27 models are Armor class vehicles, and therefore they knock over trees, walls, etc. They also cause the "ground shake" whenever they are nearby. The UGV's tend to go very slowly uphill.
6. The "Get Out" and "Eject" commands are scripted so the crew re-enters the vehicle. You *must* switch to "Main Camera" view to disconnect the remote control.
7. Stringtable isn't yet complete... scripts are in English.

To-Do: Test Multiplayer!!!
To-Do: Research Warfare-style UGV Resupply stations
To-Do: Research vehicle-based UGV terminal solutions
To-Do: Improve string tables
To-Do: Research additional UGV models

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to BIS for the Armaverse!
JSF 82nd Reaper's UGV remote control scripts:
Stiltman for the ACE configuration fix
Mod by hcpookie

NEW: Autonomous models! These require no remote controller, and the vehicles can spawn in a MP setting.
NEW: Crew uses "invisible man" 3D model; no more "phantom crew" appears.
FIX: Destruct type only smokes now, no more secondary explosions.
FIX: Vehicles locked by default.

- New: Adunok-M DSHK version
- New: Vehicle ammunition boxes for UGV magazines and terminals (found under Empty > Ammo)
- New: Updated Stringtables
- Improved: Configuration changed so ACE doesn't generate errors - credit to Stiltman for discovering the fix!!!

- Initial Release

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- BI forums

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