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ViperMaul informed the community about the release of a new version of the Community Base addons (CBA) on the BI forums.

    Quote ViperMaul :
    This is a hotfix release to resolve some issue created by v2.3.0
    It also has some other minor fixes and features included that didn't make the previous release.
    One cool new feature is an improvement to the debug console within 3den. The extended debug console increases the size of the text box where you enter code. And also add's the prev and next statement functionality. A small performance boost comes with this hotfix as well.

    • Added: XEH DisplayLoad and DisplayUnload event handlers
    • Fixed: Wrong order of arguments in Extended_Fired_EventHandlers
    • Fixed: Conflict between CBA Events and Help prevents mission from loading
    • Fixed: Potential script error on mission start
    • Improved: Performance improvements in Help module
    • Improved: Delay installing PlayerActions PFEH until first use
    • Improved: replace PUSH() Macro with pushback

Written on 2016-02-20 17:27 by ViperMaul  

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