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Version: 2013-09-04

Short description: This is more like a first preview release of the DevCon.

Date: 2013-09-05 08:12

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DevCon - the developer console [ALPHA]

kju [PvPscene]

This is more like a first preview release of the DevCon.
Still it is already very powerful and most developers should find it very useful.

Make sure to load the DEV_CO_Dummy.pbo and DEV_PostA3.pbo alongside

Included files:

Make sure to load the DEV_CO_Dummy.pbo and LoadAfterA3Data_C_PvPscene.pbo alongside.
LoadAfterA3Data_C_PvPscene.pbo available here:

Press ESC while playing (works for editor/SP/MP).
(Note: in MP it only works when being a logged-in admin)
(Note: does not work about "restart" use or savegame loading due to engine limitations)

1) For now you have to check the roadmap to find out about all the features and key shortcuts
2) Feel free to help to merge the documentation into the wiki.
3) Anyone interest is welcome to join the team.
4) Post bugs and suggestions in the issue tracker please.
5) Check the source if you want to learn a bit of new stuff.
6) ToDo prio list by order:
# Command tab (buttons to apply SQF commands easily onto cursorTarget/player/other unit sets
# Information tab (fields to easily check details about cursorTarget/player/other unit sets)
# AI debugging
# Integration of 3rd party tools

DevCon wiki


Demo videos of the "Unit Map Markers" and "AI Debugging":

Demo video of the "Position accuracy of AI Debugging":

Known issues:
- Minimap is not always centered on the player.
- Minimap background is not hidden when disabled.
- Minimap is shown at mission start despite being not active.

Credits & Thanks:
Much thanks to Karel Mořický (Gaia) - his debug console and advanced camera
mode are the inspiration, base and foundation of the DevCon.
Also thanks to Carl Gustaffa for several good ideas.

- Make compatible to A3 alpha.
- Provide useful AutoInit.sqf settings.
- Change time freezing key.

Forum topic:
- BI forums (Arma 3 version)
- BI forums (Arma 2 version)

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