Author: Tonic
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.4

Short description: This script allows you to add or remove gear as well as shows you your current gear using an easy GUI.
Date: 2014-01-24 09:12
Submitted by: Tonic

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Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)


This was created for a specific mission to cut back on network lag & ammo box usage and well decided to release for public!
This script allows you to add or remove gear as well as shows you your current gear using an easy GUI.

Place a ammo box down on the map and in initialization field put:
this addAction["<t color='#ff1111'>Virtual Ammobox</t>", "VAS\open.sqf"];
In your description.ext put:
#include "VAS\menu.hpp"
class CfgFunctions
	#include "VAS\cfgfunctions.hpp"
You will also need to drag the stringtable.xml in the root part of your mission where mission.sqm & init.sqf are located.

Compatible Attachments: Added in the functionality for limiting the attachments but not fully tested with every addon pack. Please supply feedback!
New stringtable.xml remember to overwrite the old one with it!

Author notes:
If you want to help translate VAS into your language take a look at the stringtable.xml and contact me with a translation of the strings and it will be included in the next update of VAS.

Even though VAS is being localized for various other languages it doesn't mean that VAS will show in your language because the game engine currently doesn't enable the use of selecting your language and is English by default. This will fix its self when BIS finishes their own localization (hopefully during beta but probably after release). In the mean time if you want VAS to show in your language then edit the <Original> fields of the stringtable.xml and it will work.

Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) is permitted to be used in any mission so there is no need to ask for my permission. If you are modify VAS and have changes that you feel should be included in the release version then shoot me the changes and i'll take a look.

Known issues:
Glasses can now be saved in uniforms/backpacks/vests (apparently BIS fixed addItem with Goggles) BUT you cannot remove them with the VAS menu, it will throw an error (BIS Please fix removeItem for Goggles).

Weapons in your uniform / vest when saved, upon loading that save they won't be there, this isn't my fault because ARMA 3 does not yet have the ability to add specific weapons / items to the uniform/vest. If you want to store a spare pistol or rifle or binoculars/NVG's then you need to store them in your backpack before saving.

Credits & Thanks:
Kronzky - For his string function library
SaMatra - For helping convert the UI from OA -> A3!
Dslyecxi - For his Paper doll giving insight on how to detech item types.
Tyrghen on Armaholic - For giving me the tip about CfgFunctions
naong - For his code tweaks to the Load / Save display.
Coding from armaholic - Translation of VAS from English->German
El nabot from Armaholic - Translation of VAS from English->French
czesiek77 from Armaholic - Translation of VAS from English->Polish

- Added: The new attachment list box checks against the config for restricted attachments.
- Added: French Translations for new prompts & Other localizations added in earlier builds (need more).
- Changed: Listbox scrollbar resources changed (looks slightly different).
- Fixed: Auto-scroll issue with scrollbars (Related to above change).

- Added: Ability to add items to specific containers (Drag from Virtual ammobox to the container icon).
- Added: Listbox of compatible attachments.
- Changed: Updated various resources for the new A3 1.10 patch (I think it's 1.10?)
- Fixed: Couldn't remove a weapon that was stored in the backpack.
- Fixed: Missing semicolon (;) error.

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

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Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)
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Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)
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