Virtual Ammobox System by Tonic updated
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Tonic released an updated version of his Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Tonic :
    This was created for a specific mission to cut back on network lag & ammo box usage and well decided to release for public!
    This script allows you to add or remove gear as well as shows you your current gear using an easy GUI.

    • Added: The new attachment list box checks against the config for restricted attachments.
    • Added: French Translations for new prompts & Other localizations added in earlier builds (need more).
    • Changed: Listbox scrollbar resources changed (looks slightly different).
    • Fixed: Auto-scroll issue with scrollbars (Related to above change).

    Compatible Attachments: Added in the functionality for limiting the attachments but not fully tested with every addon pack. Please supply feedback!
    New stringtable.xml remember to overwrite the old one with it!

Written on 2014-01-24 09:10 by Tonic  

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