Virtual Ammobox System by Tonic updated
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Tonic released an updated version of his Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Tonic :
    This was created for a specific mission to cut back on network lag & ammo box usage and well decided to release for public!
    This script allows you to add or remove gear as well as shows you your current gear using an easy GUI.

    • Changed: forceAddUniform now added in so you can freely wear any uniform without being 'naked'.
    • Changed: TFAR radio patch from Robalo to properly remove TFAR radios from being added.
    • Changed: Exit condition for VAS preloading in the config builder.

    Virtual Ammobox System also known / dubbed as VAS made its release on 03-10-2013, Barely a week after the release of ARMA 3 Alpha to address the problems with the gear handling system for ARMA 3 at that time which was quite honestly horrid and beyond broken. Over time it has became one of the most single used script resources popular in casual co-op and armory missions along with other different types of missions but sadly due to recent events I feel Bohemia has made a cheese rat move and I really don't feel like supplying cheese to the rat if I get nothing from it like oh hey great tool we'll go make our own and make the name of it almost 100% identical to your system which is totally not a cheese rat move (sarcasm)... This could be considered the last update to VAS and possibly all of my stuff. I would like to thank everyone who has supplied feedback for VAS as well as submitted code changes to make VAS better, you guys are truly awesome and are the reason why I have released most of my stuff to the community so I thank you.

Written on 2014-07-02 08:31 by Tonic  

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