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Requirements: Extended eventhandlers (xeh) by Solus & Killswitch

Version: 1.02
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Date: 2008-05-14 07:31

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NWD Rangefinder

This mod adds an LCD overlay to the stock laser designator, designed to match the display featured in my NWD_ScopeFix mod. It does not depend on that mod, it just won't look as pretty without it.

When you use the laser designator, the display will illuminate and you will be presented with three extra options in you action menu: RANGE, MARK, and O/R. RANGE mode pulses the laser once and displays the range. MARK mode marks the target just like pressing the fire button did before, but also illuminates the XMT light and returns continuous range updates. O/R mode operates identically to MARK mode, but is not subject to automatic shutdown due to overheating. If you are currently illuminating a target in MARK mode, either RANGE or MARK will turn the laser off, while selecting O/R will switch the laser to override mode while continuing to illuminate the target. In override mode, any of the three options will turn the laser off.

Laser heat is kept track of internally, and you will no longer be able to fire the laser indefinitely. The maximum duty cycle is 5-1-5-1-5-30. That's on for 5 minutes and off for one minute repeated three times, followed by a 30 minute cool-down. This isn't perfectly simulated, but it should be close enough for now. If you keep the laser on for long enough, the HOT light will illuminate. This will warn you that the laser may shut itself off to prevent burnout. Once this happens, you will not be able to use the laser in MARK mode until it's cool (about 10-15 minutes). If you don't want the laser to shut off, you can switch to O/R mode and hope it doesn't break. If you leave it on for too long, it will break, and you won't be able to use it again in that mission.

You can no longer toggle the laser with the fire button; you must use one of the three action menu options. The script will steal your batteries when you look through the optics to accomplish this (you'll get them back when you put the laser designator away). If you do not have any batteries, the display will not illuminate and the laser designator will be non-functional.

The script should, if there are multiple lasers flying around, return only the range to the laser return closest to your aim point. I haven't tested this with multiple lasers, but at least it won't crash anymore.

The display will flicker until it's loaded all ten digits. There will be a pause the first time it displays a 7, for instance.

If you're using the "NWD_GLTD_EADisplay.pbo" file in addition to the main mod, the azimuth and elevation displays will read out in NATO standard mils. There are 6400 of these mils in a circle, so north is 0 mils, east is 1600 mils, south is 3200 mils, and west is 4800 mils. The elevation display has a range of +/- 400 mils.

Extract to your ArmA directory and add @NWD_Rangefinder to the "-mod=" switch of your ArmA shortcut's "Target" line. If you use multiple mods, the "Target" should be, for example:
"C:\Your ArmA Path\ArmA.exe" -mod=@NWD_Ballistics;@NWD_ScopeFix;@GMJ_SightAdjustment;@NWD_Rangefinder

If you wish to enable the azimuth and elevation readouts, move the contents of the "Extras" directory to "Addons". This is not strictly realistic, however, as the real hardware requires this data to be supplied from an external source (such as an electronic traversing mount).

If you use GMJ_SightAdjustment, make sure to use the compatibility patch in the "examples" folder of the extended eventhandlers mod. Just put it in your @GMJ_SightAdjustment/addons folder.

We always recommend to use mod folders to keep your mods organized and to prevent errors in the future.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files:

- fixed XEH 1.7 compatibility

- separated from TankFCS mod once again
- added addon signature

- fixed divide by zero error caused by aiming east (?)
- integrated into TankFCS mod
- changed out of range behavior

- removed all dependencies on SF Recon; the laser marker will now work no matter how it is added to your inventory
- added launcher+binoculars animation to list of recognized animations
- reordered weapons in the "SoldierWSaboteurRecon" class so the same weapon recognition code could be used for all units

- removed stray debug message

- moved script-level variables into player-specific globals, to aid in multiplayer compatibility
- added overheating and O/R mode
- animated elevation and azimuth display as an option
- changed elevation and azimuth displays to 4-digit
- animated XMT and BAT lights "correctly"
- disabled player fire button

- first release

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