Author: ghost644
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis, Tanoa
Playable options: N/A

Version: 3.03

Date: 2017-01-19 13:57

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Enemy Assault


This mission has you stationed at the air field awaiting orders. Enemy forces control most of the island and the water as well. Prepare for the tasks given and be ready for anything.

  • Random objectives at randomly chosen points
  • Random enemy reinforcements
  • Random patrols around the island and water
  • Random enemy in houses
  • Random enemy helo support
  • Call in your own AH-99, UAV, or UGV support
  • Most objectives are in buildings
  • Sling load on UH-80 and CH-49 can sling: ATVs, MRAPs, Offroads, Static Weapons, Boats
  • Choose your enemy Iran or Greek
  • Choose to fight in Kavala Only; will support up to 8 tasks
  • Choose how many objectives per location; 3-4 is advised
  • Vehicle respawn and tracking markers
  • Repair areas for all types of vehicles
  • Always different and always challenging
  • Demo and Satchel charges can be placed on objects
  • Raven Lifter is required now
  • Igiload scripts now in mission

  • Installation:
    Move the file incoming_mission_co12_v1.Stratis.pbo into the following (default) directory:
    \Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions

    Collection of Missions I have in work. They should be playable and very fun. Will have occasional bugs and such, mostly due to Beta state. These missions will change often and I will post date of change when I update them. They are designed to be played on a dedicated server for best performance. Thanks.

    Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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    Known issues:
    - Helicopters sometimes blow up for no reason; unknown what is causing this
    - revive has hiccups
    - POW sometimes does not listen and rescue option is available to each player except the person that just rescued -Shouldnt be issue as much

    -Adjusted Airlift Dropoff
    -Added MP Param for Support Cooldowns

    -Removed support for some mods. Only RHS and Fir F16 are support currently
    -Adjusted units assigned to certain com menu items

    -Fixed spawning direction of vehicle assets
    -Fixed roles not having specific call ins under com menu
    -Adjusted enemy sides

    • -Removed Raven Lifter support as it is not needed now
    • Removed Nimitz Carrier
    • Removed Slingload
    • Removed VAS
    • Removed AGM support
    • Removed INS Revive system
    • Removed Enemy type param
    • Removed FA18X support
    • Removed Shk_taskmaster dependency
    • Disabled dynamic weather for now
    • Revive and respawn is now using the BIS systems
    • Added Team leader can deploy a respawn tent
    • Added action at HALO board to clear all respawn tents
    • Added BIS Group Management
    • Added RHS Escalation option in MP Params. Mod has to be on server or option will not be valid
    • Added Ghost Hotel as a side objective location.
    • Added Zeus
    • Added Cargo drop Support for all players. Players can now call in air drop of chosen vehicle. Delay is 30 mins. If C-130 mod is used then that will be the transport
    • Added Remote designator call in for JTAC and UAV operators. face the direction you want the designator and call it in.
    • Added basic drag of players which are alive
    • Added new random task. Acquire container objective where you have to slingload or large truck transport a cargo container back to base
    • Added Data terminal task
    • Added a Weapon Sway MP Param
    • Added Helicopter transport service under com menu.
    • Added random dogs
    • Added random civilians in cars and houses
    • Added artillery call in via 0-8 menu for SL and JTAC
    • Added Convoy task
    • Changed fatigue settings to stamina
    • Converted spawn dialogs into functions
    • Removed Xeno Squad Management
    • Adjusted mission to use new helicopters
    • Separated Mod jets into different categories: SU35, FA18, and USAF ACFT can be turned on and off individually
    • Added action to "clear Obstruction" for the Bobcat support vehicle to clean up airfield as necessary
    • Added Huron Containers to aircraft spawn point, Ammo and Cargo containers will have virtual arsenal
    • Changed TAW View distance for CH View distance
    • Adjusted Halo
    • Changed vehicle spawn dialog backgrounds to better show icons
    • Adjusted cargo drop
    • Adjusted ammo drop
    • Fixed paradrops
    • Improved ieds. You can now disarm ieds
    • Changed C-130 to USAF C130
    • Fixed issue with tracking markers not showing blue color or names
    • Improved tracking marker system to show vehicle player is driver of and how many passengers
    • Added Firewill FA16C to spawn list if enabled in mp params
    • Increased number of alive enemys for "Clear" objective to complete on side missions
    • Adjusted aircraft spawn point to work better with larger aircraft
    • Weather is set at mission start via mp params. Default is random
    • Fog is set at mission start via mp params. Default is random
    • Adjusted base object placement
    • Added Call AC130 upstairs at computer if USAF Mod is used - Thanks Dixon
    • Updated Igiload supported types
    • Tasks located in buildings now have specific icons over radius marker instead of on town name.
    • Improved overall objective spawning performance.
    • Adjusted briefing notes with more information and pictures
    • Grouped all players together
    • Moved view distance setting to com menu 0-8

  • Removed MOD dependencies, all mods are optional and have an mp setting
  • Option to use AGM Medical module and set params for it
  • Option to Spawn EBU C130
  • EBU C130 has a PARA/HALO system by Dixon/Ghost
  • Added random side objective which may fire instead of main objective area. May be on land or in water
  • Hemtt respawn point removed
  • Removed CH49s from ramp
  • Moved FA18 to spawn list instead of on map
  • Moved Vehicle repair pad to a better area for taxing aircraft
  • AAF aircraft can now be spawned at aircraft spawn board
  • Put in check to see if vehicle spawn pad is clear and if not no vehicle is spawned
  • vehicle spawn pad area will be cleared of empty vehicles when dialog is opened even if vehicles do not belong to player
  • POW can now be a scientist or a journalist aswell as an officer or pilot
  • TOD param now has any hour available default is still 1200
  • Improved Rain and Weather system
  • Added Option for Nimitz carrier in SW ocean as optional spawn
  • Adjusted layout of MP Params
  • Markers for unconscious players needing medical support
  • Player now handles the spawn list for vehicles instead of server. Should eliminate some network traffic
  • Adjusted place charge and demo charge action priority
  • Demo and satchel charges can now be placed under water on objects but is still wip
  • Added option for Konyo MH47E
  • Added scores/ratings to tasks
  • Added action menu icons and colors and adjusted sizes for various actions
  • Improved HALO to have ventral backpack
  • Added interior lights to Terminal area
  • Added teleport action to move between base port and base terminal
  • Moved tracked ammo boxes to open field
  • Added various ramp lights to key areas
  • Added various lights for key areas
  • Option to use Raven's Lifter module for slingload and fast roping
  • Removed Raven's Lifter Module from mission
  • Player can now use Nimitz catapult for FA18s if both mods are selected
  • Map center is now found without a marker placed in editor
  • Converted most scripts to functions to improve performance
  • Can now specify a random enemy type which will choose one of the enemy types each mission location
  • Can now specify how many vehicles each player can spawn at a time
  • Tasks in buildings that are destroyed during mission should now complete or fail as applicable when building collapses
  • Added push boat action for any boat spawned
  • Added Virtual Arsenal to all crates and at base. AmmoCrate drop uses arsenal as well
  • Updated setloadout to use forceadduniform command
  • Removed atvs at base and port since they are no longer needed
  • New version of rooftopmgs function that should dynamically detect positions no matter what map is used
  • Slingload error for "picturething" should not be an issue anymore
  • Replaced Xeno reload with my own reload script

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