Author: Shay_gman, Spirit and Psycho
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: r18
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: MCC Sandbox 3 is a dynamic mission creating tool for Arma 3 (SP/MP)

Date: 2015-12-02 12:31
Submitted by: shay_gman

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Mission Control Center Sandbox 4

Shay_gman, Spirit and Psycho

We are proud to present you the new version of MCC called MCC Sandbox 4 (beta). MCC Sandbox 4 holds a compete new GUI and complete new AI system GAIA.
Since we did not want to hold the release for video's, large words files and professional art, here you have it. So stay tuned this week for detailed information on how to get the most out of this release! (video instruction).

    Highlights and need to knows:
  • Complete new GUI that gives full control to the mission maker from a map perspective.
  • Open 3D Editor by ALT-mouse click.
  • Units controlled by GAIA (new AI) show up with a G in their name on the map.
  • Send any non GAIA controlled group to GAIA by just clicking 'GIVE TO GAIA'. The group will now be controlled by GAIA in the given zone (left of button) and behavior (left of button).
  • Multiple group select and manual waypoints. (manual waypoints cancel GAIA).
  • Spice up your existing missions with fully AI controlled mortar, artillery, CAS and air patrols.
  • Notice aggressive attacks from AI that prevent you from lazy 'Duck shooting' sessions.
  • See what the AI does (GAIA) as it generates waypoints, that you can update and cancel whenever you like.
  • GAIA get's her target information from any unit on the map, including not under GAIA control. (so even players on the same side of GAIA).
  • GAIA can play against GAIA. Each side can be run completely seperate.
  • GAIA can be used seperate from MCC (as long as you have the addon) in your exisiting missions (video on how to will be there next couple of days)
  • More......
About GAIA in MCC:
GAIA stands for Greater Artificial Intelligence. Ever since I typed my first 2 lines of MCC code it has been going through my mind. What if the AI did…? Why isn’t this….? …..These and a zillion other questions have haunted me for too long. GAIA is my answer to most of these questions. So, now you know my personal motivation, let’s move on to the system itself. This document tries to focus on the intent of GAIA and the design decisions that have been made. I won't try to explain how all of the code works, but after reading this document you should have a clear understanding of what GAIA stands for, what choices she makes and how she operates.

GAIA can best be seen as a higher level lead organization that is tasked to make all groups work towards (a) common goal(s). GAIA does not improve and tries not to influence the behavior at group level.
So what is it that GAIA wants? The main goal of GAIA is to defend territory.

To do that she makes sure that:
• All assets are used intelligently. Know your units, what can they do, what are their weaknesses.
• Responses to threat are in proportion. Do not send more troops then needed, but also make sure it is enough to deal with the opposing threat.
• Understand the priorities. The closer a threat is to the center of the territory (zone), the higher the priority.

In future versions of GAIA goals will be expanded and might even grow to fully commanding offensive battles.

More about GAIA in MCC and how to use it:

You'll get:
  • 3D editor – You can place units and object in 3D save them, load them, add some unique presets for them.
  • Group generator – You can create any custom made group you'll like and place on the battlefield, plus you can control any MCC's placed or preplaced AI group and give it new waypoints and behaviors.
  • Box Generator – Spawn a box with any items, weapons etc. you'd like.
  • Set time and weather – Change the mission set and atmosphere.
  • Client setting – Client's can adjust view distance and grass density to save some CPU load.
  • MCC Zones – Everything in MCC is connected to zones AI will patrol zones, attack, lay ambushes, garrison buildings and more.
  • Benchmark tools and Debug tools – Check local, server and HC server FPS, open BIS debug console send some code online using the command line.
  • Close Air Support – Call for many different types of CAS from gun-runs, rockets runs, AT attack, AA attack etc.
  • Artillery support – Call for even many more artillery support as DPICM, HE, flares smoke etc.
  • MCC Console – Let a player control support aspects as UAV, Evac, artillery and even AC-130.
  • IED – Place IEDs that are only detonated by spotters or pressyre plates. Place ambush groups link it to an IED or link IED together to create a daisy chain effect. Define if an IED radio trigger can be scrambled by specific vehicles.
  • Armed Civilans – Place arme civilans that will suprise the players as the approch and open fire. The players can neutralize and even capture the armed civilians.
  • Suicide Bombers – Place Suicide bombers that will chase the players and explode once they get near.
  • Convoy Generator – Create custom AI convoy that will keep in formation and even spawn with HVT inside.
  • Unit Managment – Manage any units on the battlefield. Hijack and play as any AI, teleport the AI, make them do a HALO jump and more.
  • Custom AI Behavior – AI will fortify in buildings, place mines, throw smoke grenades, use empty vehicles, supress with automatic rifles, flank and much more.
  • IED, Minefields, Armed Civilians and Suicide Bombers – Diverse you battlefield with advanced IED module, place an IED connect it to a spotter or make it proximity mine. Determine the time it will take disarm it, how far unit should be close to it to get it off, what kind of damage will it make, do we want to kill the players, scare them or wound them?
  • MCC is a tool build for MP and dedicated servers, any thing you'll do will be done on the remote server or on the Headless Client and not locally on the player client.
  • That way this tool can support lots of players and abuse as it doesn't strain the client.
  • You can restrict MCC to admin only, players or roles.
  • MCC supports BIS Headless Client.
  • As mentioned above, its a Beta. We realize the product is not perfect, but with your help we will make it perfect. So dont be shy!

To install the Mission Control Center Sandbox 4 you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

More about GAIA in MCC and how to use it:

You can find an old (MCC 2) PDF manual here: Mission Control Center Sandbox 3 manual or inside the installation folder.

Download Link - MP Mission version - Stratis:

Download Link - MP Mission version - Altis:

Download Link - Template mission:


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Credits & Thanks:
Spoor for all his testing work! (
Psycho (for previous and future video, images etc)
The guys from Armaseries. (
3CB for listening to my never ending talks that really help me understand my burning idea's.(
Apollo (3CB) for correcting our English errors. (In pdf documents, because i think he will eat his personal suitcase only by reading our lines above )
Evrik (3CB) for listening, talking and inventing the name of GAIA
All the modders out there on the forums! Without all that practical help the whole thing would have been way slower.

-= New IED Mini Game =-
- Added: Mini-game IED disarm, as shown in "keep talking and nobody explodes" game. Http://
-= New Sectors Modules =-
- Added: Resources capture zones.
-= New Survival system =-
- Added: Survival system.
-= Reworked Fame System =-
- Added: Fame system for purchasing vehicles from kiosks (RTS). Players need to gain enough fame to be able to take global resources to buy vehicles. Commander can still spawn as many vehicle as he want to without the need to gain fame.
- Added: Vault items will be persistent from mission to mission (if iniDB is running on the server) .
- Changed: Fame system, player gain fame by depositing materials, weapons and magazines in the vault when survival mod is and from killing enemies, leading, healing exc.
- Changed: The vault (shared box) will only be available when survival mod is on
- Fixed: MCC survival option "Search" enabled on ACE even when survival mode disabled.
- Fixed: Popup error when opening the shared HQ box - vault.
-= VON Radio System =-
- Reduce overlay sounds.
- Side channel is enabled for side commanders only.
- Microphone abusing ends in kicking the player not killing him.
-= Misc =-
- Added: Can use MCC interaction while ACE is on - just don't forget to bind it to another key.
- Added: New Module: vehicle respawn - apparently BI module doesn't really work.
- Added: No ambient spawn module - prevent ambient AI units spawn to spawn around the module in a specific radius.
- Added: Snow weather effect to MCC atmospheres.
- Added: MCC ammo boxes, medic boxes, supply crates & pods (logistics) to Zeus.
- Added: MCC items (medic survival exc) add to BI arsenal.
- Added: Can attach chemlights and IR strobes using MCC self interaction.
- Added: MCC survival will work without iniDBI mod but items will not be persistent between missions or server restart.
- Added: Easy to configure survival loot place holders objects and items spawn chance and amount in them via missions config files.
- Changed: MCC Mission Generator - disable IED mission will use the disarm minigame and changed the IED type to the military device.
- Changed: ILS Available to all air vehicles.
- Changed: When placing IEDs MCC will not close the 3d editor so you can place multiple IEDs.
- Changed: Mild hijacked unit's blur effect.
- Fixed: Players move to spectator on JIP - Thanks BrightCandle
- Fixed: Not enough AI spawns in buildings in CQB missions generated by the Mission Generator.
- Fixed: GAIA doesn't recognize mod vehicles such as RHS helicopters
- Fixed: Double click WP in the commander console didn't work
- Fixed: Quick weapon (Shift +1 .... Shift + 4) select always on
- Fixed: While playing with CBA you'll no longer see the change MCC keys - thanks to Sargken.
- Fixed: After a campaign mission has been finished MCC will not delete manned players' vehicles or FOBs.
- Fixed: Starting with default gear after respawn when Role Selection is on.
- Fixed: Teleporting boats on water teleported the vehicle to map corner.
- Fixed: Lock/unlock door typo

- Fixed: Convoy didn't worked on dedicated server.
- Fixed - MCC ammobox items didn't show up on ACE.
- Fixed - Resource module's names vice versa.
- Fixed - Limiting the number of kits per squad didn't worked in Role Selection

r16 hotfix:
- Added: In RTS mode the commander can take first person control over it's units.
- Added: Undercover Agents module (2D or Zeus) covert units into undercover agents , wiki will come soon. You can holster a handgun and get close to enemy units without raising suspicious. Getting to close to an enemy, crouching, proning, running around or drawing your handgun will blow your cover.
- Fixed: login hang bug.
- Fixed: MCC Zeus's modules worked globaly.
- Fixed: MCC Zeus module duplicated on all clients.
- Fixed: Unable to use parachute while role selection on.
- Fixed: Armed civilian error spamming the RPT.

- Added: MCC's Zeus will edit players.
- Added: Custom MCC's Zeus modules including: ** New Feature **
- IED: turn any object/unit into an IED or suicide bomber.
- CAS: Call MCC Close Air Support from Zeus.
- Add units to Zeus: Automatically assign units/objects to Zeus so the mission maker can edit them.
- Ambient AI and cars - Ambient AI and cars Module - Server side ambient. MCC will create AI units some in buildings, some patrolling, some driving cars and some parked cars in towns when players are around and delete them when no player is around.
- Armed Civilians: Will transfer any friendly/natural unit into hostile unit with concealed weapons. Armed units will attack other units from the enemy faction while they have the chance.
- Atmosphere: Instantly create sandstorms, blizzards and Heat Waves.
- CAS: Call MCC close air support from Zeus.
- Damage Part: Damage any part of vehicle/unit you want and add explosion effects to keep it real.
- Lock/Unlock doors: Lock or unlock all doors in the area.
- Evac Vehicle: Make any vehicle serve as an evac vehicle under the players' commander command.
- Garrison: Spawn units in houses in the given radius.
- IED/Suicide Bomber: Turn any object/vehicle/unit into an IED or suicide bomber.
- Night Effect: Destroy all lights, remove night visions and add flashlights to nearby AI or players.
- War Zone: Destroy buildings, spread wrecks and fires in the given radius.
- Vehicle's Kiosk: Players can purchase vehicles from them using in game resources.
- Changed: While in Zeus hold Shift and double click a unit to open Zeus's default attributes.
MCC Campaign: ** New Feature **
- MCC campaign can be activated from Zeus or from the 2D editor module. It is recommended to activate MCC role selection, have at least one H.Q MCC's Start location, some vehicle kiosks and activate ambient civilians.
In the campaign MCC will keep on generating new mission when the players have completed the previous one. Each mission will be generated close to the previous one and MCC will create an advancing feel for the mission. Once the players have finished a mission in an area this area will be marked by the side color and it should be relatively safe. By successfully finishing a mission the players will be awarded with resources (minus collateral damage that the players inflicted such as killing civilians) The players' commander will receive random special bonus for each successful mission such as supply drops, CAS exc.
Each in game day the players will gain extra tickets if they performed well, the evac vehicle will respawn and the weather will change. Furthermore enemy forces might start actively perusing the players if the player have inflicted enough damage to the enemy.
Evac Vehicle:
- Added: Evac vehicle module - sets evac vehicles from 2D editor or Zeus.
- Added: Campaign evac param - campaign evac's vehicles will repspawn every one ingame time.
- Added: Atmosphere module - sets sandstorms, blizzards exc from the 2D editor or Zeus.
IED/Armed Civilians/Suicide Bombers
- Added: IED/Suicide Bombers module - add IEDs or suicide bombers from the 2D editor or Zeus.
- Added: Armed Civilians module - add Armed Civilians from the 2D editor or Zeus.
Mission Wizard:
- Fixed: Non precise objectives' markers in the missions wizard where pretty precise.
- Changed: Mission Wizard will try to spawn on HC if available.
Supply Drop:
- Added: Supply drop - added slingload insertion.
Role Selection:
- Added: In Role Selection players can change kits without respawning in any FOB/HQ - can be turned off from the MCC setting module or setting "MCC_allowChangingKits = false".
- Fixed: Player stuck in parachute animation after respawning from the squad selection
- Fixed: Level up duplicated messaged in role selection.
- Changed: Massive work on role selection, improved UI and functionality
- Added: Players can now resupply (refresh ammo, bandages exc) from ammobox (MCC logistics) - support ACE medical system.
- Added: Players can now breakdown resource crates into items that they can carry in their backpacks and return to HQ or use.
- Added: Main shared cargo box to FOB.
- Simplified: Logistics dialog.
- Changed: MCC logistics reduced the amount of needed resource crates for building assets.
- Added: Weather over time slider to the Change Weather in MCC.
- Fixed: MCC didn't work with ACE weather
- Disabled: MCC weather sync when ACE is on
- Added: ACE support for survival - players can search loot using the ACE's self interaction key while close to a lootable object.
- Changed: If survival and Role selection are on players won't be able to change kits unless they respawned to prevent exploit by changing kits to gain resources.
- Added: A complete workout on the RTS elements of MCC.
- Added: Workshops can outfit civilians offroads with MG.
- Added: Workshops will repair vehicles for free.
- Added: Players can purchase vehicles from workshops (need resources and electricity): Cars from advanced workshop, Tanks and APC from mechanical workshop and helicopters from ariel workshop.
- Added: Commander can call Random resource gathering missions every real time hour from HQ - Resource gathering mission are easier side missions that yield resource crates.
- Added: Radio post give access advanced resource gathering missions.
- Added: Resources module to 2D editor and Zeus - sets the initial resources for each side.
- Added: Support CBA keybinds if player is running CBA
- Added: Dynamic dialog function to easly create dialogs - learn more in the functions library
- Added: Vehicle's Kiosk's Module - Players can purchase vehicles from them using in game resources.
- Added: Ambient AI and cars Module - Server side ambient. MCC will create AI units some in buildings, some patrolling, some driving cars and some parked cars in towns when players are around and delete them when no player is around.
- Changed: MCC garrison units will have units patrolling buildings
- Improved: Loading time while changing factions in MCC.
- Fixed: MCC stays on login screen after a player successfully logged in.
- Fixed: Player can escape unconscious dialog in MCC medic system by opening the squad dialog
- fixed: Objects names placed in 3D editor didn't saved to sqm.
- Fixed: Each side's commander will have only his sides evac vehicles
- Fixed: MCC Settings didn't stick after changing them

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