Author: Shay_gman, Spirit & Psycho
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: r11
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: MCC Sandbox 3 is a dynamic mission creating tool for Arma 3 (SP/MP)
Date: 2014-11-09 09:25
Submitted by: shay_gman

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Mission Control Center Sandbox 4

Shay_gman, Spirit & Psycho

We are proud to present you the new version of MCC called MCC Sandbox 4 (beta). MCC Sandbox 4 holds a compete new GUI and complete new AI system GAIA.
Since we did not want to hold the release for video's, large words files and professional art, here you have it. So stay tuned this week for detailed information on how to get the most out of this release! (video instruction).

    Highlights and need to knows:
  • Complete new GUI that gives full control to the mission maker from a map perspective.
  • Open 3D Editor by ALT-mouse click.
  • Units controlled by GAIA (new AI) show up with a G in their name on the map.
  • Send any non GAIA controlled group to GAIA by just clicking 'GIVE TO GAIA'. The group will now be controlled by GAIA in the given zone (left of button) and behavior (left of button).
  • Multiple group select and manual waypoints. (manual waypoints cancel GAIA).
  • Spice up your existing missions with fully AI controlled mortar, artillery, CAS and air patrols.
  • Notice aggressive attacks from AI that prevent you from lazy 'Duck shooting' sessions.
  • See what the AI does (GAIA) as it generates waypoints, that you can update and cancel whenever you like.
  • GAIA get's her target information from any unit on the map, including not under GAIA control. (so even players on the same side of GAIA).
  • GAIA can play against GAIA. Each side can be run completely seperate.
  • GAIA can be used seperate from MCC (as long as you have the addon) in your exisiting missions (video on how to will be there next couple of days)
  • More......
About GAIA in MCC:
GAIA stands for Greater Artificial Intelligence. Ever since I typed my first 2 lines of MCC code it has been going through my mind. What if the AI did…? Why isn’t this….? …..These and a zillion other questions have haunted me for too long. GAIA is my answer to most of these questions. So, now you know my personal motivation, let’s move on to the system itself. This document tries to focus on the intent of GAIA and the design decisions that have been made. I won't try to explain how all of the code works, but after reading this document you should have a clear understanding of what GAIA stands for, what choices she makes and how she operates.

GAIA can best be seen as a higher level lead organization that is tasked to make all groups work towards (a) common goal(s). GAIA does not improve and tries not to influence the behavior at group level.
So what is it that GAIA wants? The main goal of GAIA is to defend territory.

To do that she makes sure that:
• All assets are used intelligently. Know your units, what can they do, what are their weaknesses.
• Responses to threat are in proportion. Do not send more troops then needed, but also make sure it is enough to deal with the opposing threat.
• Understand the priorities. The closer a threat is to the center of the territory (zone), the higher the priority.

In future versions of GAIA goals will be expanded and might even grow to fully commanding offensive battles.

More about GAIA in MCC and how to use it:

You'll get:
  • 3D editor – You can place units and object in 3D save them, load them, add some unique presets for them.
  • Group generator – You can create any custom made group you'll like and place on the battlefield, plus you can control any MCC's placed or preplaced AI group and give it new waypoints and behaviors.
  • Box Generator – Spawn a box with any items, weapons etc. you'd like.
  • Set time and weather – Change the mission set and atmosphere.
  • Client setting – Client's can adjust view distance and grass density to save some CPU load.
  • MCC Zones – Everything in MCC is connected to zones AI will patrol zones, attack, lay ambushes, garrison buildings and more.
  • Benchmark tools and Debug tools – Check local, server and HC server FPS, open BIS debug console send some code online using the command line.
  • Close Air Support – Call for many different types of CAS from gun-runs, rockets runs, AT attack, AA attack etc.
  • Artillery support – Call for even many more artillery support as DPICM, HE, flares smoke etc.
  • MCC Console – Let a player control support aspects as UAV, Evac, artillery and even AC-130.
  • IED – Place IEDs that are only detonated by spotters or pressyre plates. Place ambush groups link it to an IED or link IED together to create a daisy chain effect. Define if an IED radio trigger can be scrambled by specific vehicles.
  • Armed Civilans – Place arme civilans that will suprise the players as the approch and open fire. The players can neutralize and even capture the armed civilians.
  • Suicide Bombers – Place Suicide bombers that will chase the players and explode once they get near.
  • Convoy Generator – Create custom AI convoy that will keep in formation and even spawn with HVT inside.
  • Unit Managment – Manage any units on the battlefield. Hijack and play as any AI, teleport the AI, make them do a HALO jump and more.
  • Custom AI Behavior – AI will fortify in buildings, place mines, throw smoke grenades, use empty vehicles, supress with automatic rifles, flank and much more.
  • IED, Minefields, Armed Civilians and Suicide Bombers – Diverse you battlefield with advanced IED module, place an IED connect it to a spotter or make it proximity mine. Determine the time it will take disarm it, how far unit should be close to it to get it off, what kind of damage will it make, do we want to kill the players, scare them or wound them?
  • MCC is a tool build for MP and dedicated servers, any thing you'll do will be done on the remote server or on the Headless Client and not locally on the player client.
  • That way this tool can support lots of players and abuse as it doesn't strain the client.
  • You can restrict MCC to admin only, players or roles.
  • MCC supports BIS Headless Client.
  • As mentioned above, its a Beta. We realize the product is not perfect, but with your help we will make it perfect. So dont be shy!

Extract into the ArmA 3 Directory, by default this is located in:
32-Bit - C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/ArmA 3/
64-Bit - C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/ArmA 3/
After extraction it should look like this:
Steam/Steamapps/Common/ArmA 3/@your_mod_folder_name

You can also use the "Arma 3 Alpha" folder in your "My Documents" folder. Your folder setup could than look like for example this:
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name\
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name\
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name\

You'll also need to add a Launch Parameter to Steam, in order to do so right-click on ArmA 3 Alpha and click Properties and then Set Launch Options. In the window that opens enter in -mod=@your_mod_folder_name
For using multiple mods you would then do so like this:

You can also use -nosplash to get rid of the splash art and intro videos.

And of course you can also enable and disable community made addons and mods through the in-game Options Expansions menu if you do not want to mess with startup parameters!

When the above information still does not provide you with enough to learn how to install custom addons and mods you can always ask in our Guide On Installing Mods.

Included files:

More about GAIA in MCC and how to use it:

You can find an old (MCC 2) PDF manual here: Mission Control Center Sandbox 3 manual or inside the installation folder.

Download Link - MP Mission version - Stratis:

Download Link - MP Mission version - Altis:

Download Link - Template mission:

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Credits & Thanks:
Spoor for all his testing work! (
Psycho (for previous and future video, images etc)
The guys from Armaseries. (
3CB for listening to my never ending talks that really help me understand my burning idea's.(
Apollo (3CB) for correcting our English errors. (In pdf documents, because i think he will eat his personal suitcase only by reading our lines above )
Evrik (3CB) for listening, talking and inventing the name of GAIA
All the modders out there on the forums! Without all that practical help the whole thing would have been way slower.

Cover system:
- Added: Cover system (need to be activated using MCC (settings) module). Allow picking out of corners automatically, reducing recoile while picking from cover, allows vaulting/climbing over obstcales.
- Added: New Paradrop infil for players and AI - Drop-pods.
- Added: New functionality attach and drop pods with the MI-290 Taru. Once you have sling load a pod press MCC interaction to reel it in and press MCC interaction to
drop the pod- it will parachute the pod safty.
- Added: New rope physicx to the fast rope options the EVAC and AI reinforcement.
- Added: New helicopters variants for the EVAC and AI reinforcement.
- Fixed: Delete evac didn't work.
- Fixed: Spawning AI in cargo sits in evac helicopters.
- Added: Interactio, Survival and cover system options from inside MCC settings.
- Added: New Variable MCC_syncOn - disable it to have no server sync (in MCC(settings) module)
- Added: Interact doors in ArmA2 maps (will not work for all doors as BI totally change the configs).
- Added: MCC zones will not be displayed on the map just in the MCC console itself.
- Fixed: Sync will not effect AI units
- Fixed: Altis Mod template and disabled automatic weather on all templates.
- Fixed: Presets added to Zeus objects/units didn't work for JIP.
- Fixed: GAIA Caching.
Tactical Video Probe
- Added: Tactical Video Probe tool tips.
- Changed: Tactical Video Probe has been changed from a full screen video to a tablet picture in picture view.

r10 hotfix:
- Fixed grenade bug.
- Fixed change faction bug.
- Re-add the mission templates to the mod version (arma 2 maps included).
- Fixed MCC isn't working while hijacking AI.
- Added new modules:
-- Start location - instead of calling funcitons just place that module on the map to predefine a start location for each side.
-- Settings(MCC) - Predfine MCC settings and enable/disable MCC features.
-- Settings(GAIA)- Predfine GAIA settings and enable/disable GAIA features.

- Added: Items:
Multi-tool - for unlocking/locking doors.
Tactical Video Probe - for mirroring under the door.
Antibiotics, Painkillers, Bandage, Water purification tablets, 2 types of Strange fruit, Vitamins, Fuel canister, Fuel bottle, Duct Tape,
Butane torch, Oil canister, Scrap Metal, Car Battery, Food container, Cereal box, Canned Food, Rice - we have plans for them but it is to early to reveal.
- Added: MCC key binds option from BI main menu without the need to have MCC access (mod only).
- Added: Key bind to Squad PDA.
- Added: MCC_survive mode, by enabling this variables MCC interaction key will allow you to search map objects or spawned objects for random loot including: resources,
ammo and weapons. Requires inidbi running on the server, empty loot points will refresh every number of days in game time equal to the variable here:MCC_surviveModRefresh
It will also save items that the players placed in loot spawn objects so the players can use them as stashes for persistence purpose
- Added: Building's doors will randomly locked in Missiow Wizard CQB missions.
- Added: ST Flashbang grenade integrated to MCC to work with neutralizing enemy units, stunned units will be more likely to surrender.
- Added: AI units will not automatically neutralized first they will drop their weapons and stand with their hands up the player should approach them and zip cuff them
To restrain them or they might run off or even take their weapons again.
- Added: interact key allow you to drag static weapons and ammoboxes.
- Added: interact key allow you to flip turnover ATVs.
- Added: interact key allow you to push boats to water.
- Added: MCC Interaction key will open doors by clicking it and by holding it next to a door you'll have this options:
- Mirror under the door: Allow the player to inspect the room before making an entry - requires tactical video probe item.
- Breaching charge: Will open locked door while inflicting heavy damage to units on the other side - requires claymore charge.
- Lock/Pick lock door: Allow the player to lock or unlock doors - requires multitool item or AGM's defuse tool.
- Added: Non-lethal ammunition variable "MCC_nonLeathal" player using this ammunition on units closer then 30 meters will not kill them but stun them. Leave "" to none.
By default "prpl_6Rnd_12Gauge_Slug" to work with Benelli M4 Super 90 Pack
- Added: Interact with vehicles- by clicking the MCC interaction button next to a vehicle you can:
- By clicking:
- open the vehicles' doors/ramps.
- By holding:
- Board the vehicle in specific position.
- Access the vehicle's inventory.
- While inside you can switch seats.
- While inside you can ask AI or players for drop-off at a specific location.
- Added: Lock doors (all) and Lock doors (random) to brushes - will lock doors in the given area.
- Added: Specialist in Role Selection will gain XP from disarming IEDs.
- Added: 2 new resources food and meds, what we'll do with them? Time will tell.
- Added: New items: Multitool, Tactical video probe
- Added: Ambient Combat AI Spawn Script Pack 0.90 by Spun (changed and altered for dynamic use in MCC)
- Fixed: In the spawn UI the delayed and cache buttons were Offset
- Fixed: Vehicle fire caused by IED will put off after some time.
- Fixed Delayed Spawn and Caching working on dedicated server.
- Fixed Blacklisting of known locations referred old function instead of CfgFunction
- Fixed: Error saving and loading IED and ambush groups while sync.
- Fixed: Hidden IED isn't deleted after disarming.
- Fixed: Respawn tents transparent icons.
- Fixed: GAIA flanking orders sometimes went nuts, resulting in unlimited waypoints. Capped to max 6 waypoints for flanking.
- Changed: Refractors GAIA to use CfgFunctions (by MikeMatrix)

-Removed 3d Party:
F2 framework.
Spectator script.
Leftovers from UPSMON.
- New Vars
// Set to true to activate survival mode - scavange for loot to survive
MCC_surviveMod = true;
//How long in days(24H-game time) will it take for spawn position to refresh
MCC_surviveModRefresh = 1;
//Disable interaction
MCC_interaction = true

    - Added: "MCC_allowSquadDialogCamera" set to false in the mission init to disable live feed in the squad dialog
    - Added: more then 40 custom voices to IED, suicide bombers, armed civlians and more many thanks to Zafjr for making this AAA quality voice acting.
    - Added: Admin commands kick and ban from MCC to admins only.
    - Changed: All CP functions renamed as MCC functions so if you are calling for example: CP_fnc_buildSpawnPoint you should now call MCC_fnc_buildSpawnPoint
    - Changed: VAS updated to version 2.6 thanks to MikeMatrix (he also made a lot of code cleaning - so thanks Mike).
    - Fixed: Missing groups in MCC such as the one from FSF - now for real
    - Fixed: Respawn points for east and resistance.
    - Fixed: IED disarm didn't work on MP.
    - Fixed: Spawning IED for civlians or resistance side gave errors.
    - Fixed: Primary spawn point aka HQ can't be destoyed anymore.
    - Fixed: Armed Civilian behavior: the suspect will join players after disarming him.
    - Fixed: BIS Arsenal doesn't show on objects.
    - Fixed: Start location didn't work for resistance and east.
Mission Wizard:
    - Added: Complete voice narration for the Mission Wizard operation's names and briefings thanks to Zafjr.
    - Added: New weather mods: Blizzard and Sandstorm.
    - Fixed: MW stuck on "Building Mission".
    - Fixed: MW dosen't recognize user's zones when building a mission to zone.
    - Fixed: Mission Wizard will use players' custom groups.
    - Fixed: Mission Wizard dialog disappear after changing faction for the first time.
Interaction key:
    - Added: Interaction key - see below.
    - Added: Neutralize civilians or enemies by shouting at them (SWAT 4 style) will effect AI only and the chance for them to surrender is calculated by the unit rank, type and other units
    In its group. Neutralized units can be added to the player group (max of 2 units per player's group).
    - Changed: Moved the actions: disable IED/armed civilian, Supply truck dialog and aircrafts ILS to the interaction key (default Shift + c)
    - Added: Can now move AC-130 around.
    - Added: AC-130 timeout after number of seconds defined in "MCC_ConsoleACTime".
    - Added: Mission maker can disable AC-130 after it spawned by pressing the AC-130 button again.
    - Fixed: Black screen on AC-130.
    - Added: Warzone brush - Will destory buildings and objects in the area, generate some vehicles wreck, random fire and smoke and ash and dust partical effects.
    - Added: Blizzard brush - Will generate blizzard weather, strong winds, snow, fog and high waves.
    - Added: Sandstorm brush - Will generate sandstorm weather, strong winds, dust and debris.
    - Added: Heatwave brush - Will generate heatwave weather.

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