Helmetcam liveFeed by Tajin updated
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Tajin released an updated version of his Helmetcam liveFeed addon/script on the Armaholic forums.
This now comes in both an addon and a script version. The addon version requires the Community Base addons A3.

    Quote Tajin :
    This addon and script allows players to view PIP livefeeds from the helmet-cameras of their fellow groupmembers.
    Now you can visually keep track of your team as they clear a building for you.

    • Realistic camera-positioning. The camera is placed right where the camera on the (default) helmet-model is and follows head-movement.
    • Switch between livefeeds of your groupmembers with a single button (* on Numpad by default)
    • Equipment dependent. LiveFeeds are only available when you're wearing tactical glasses. Only groupmembers with suitable helmets can provide liveFeeds.

    • Addon release (CBA required)
    • KEY can be defined via userconfig
    • Added custom display (can be toggled between two sizes –> Shift+KEY)
    • Camera works for vehicles (only driver-view)
    • Interference with other PIPtextures fixed
    • Code slightly restructured

Written on 2013-04-04 08:26 by Tajin  

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