AlphaSounds version 1.04 released
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Afp released an updated version of the AlphaSounds addon on the BI forums.
Make sure to read the installation instructions to properly install this!

    Quote afp :
    The intention was to make the game more enjoyable until the final version is ready or the devs fix the sounds. I'm not sure if its really better, take it "as is", there are 5 pages of sound related issues on Tracker so it's still a long way to go, not much can be done at this point. If you want to contribute, feel free to do it, most of the work was done around BIS original sounds (changed volumes etc).

    I have added another version of the minimod (see first post, download version 1.04), I'm pretty happy about the sounds of footsteps and gear now.

    Unfortunatelly they removed the gear and footsteps sound from third person view (not good), so you only hear them in first person. I'm not sure about this decision since you still in the character skin even in the third person, so its an immersivity drawback. I used most of the BIS gear sounds which seems to be very good and tunned them up.

    • footsteps and gear adapted to the new Alpha version (+0.60)

Written on 2013-06-06 23:01 by Armaholic  

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