SP mission : Proving ground by conKORD updated

conKORD released his Proving Ground A3 training, testing and debug mission on the BI forums.

    quote conKORD :
    This mission was designed for weapon training and testing/debug any weapons and vehicles.

    Entire proving ground functional now available as addon called "mobile proving ground". To activate it click on button "Init proving ground" in "Esc" menu. Works only on server.

    • Custom interface to create any existing in vehCfg vehicle.
    • Custom interface to get any existing in weaponCfg weapon and compatible magazines.
    • Also it shows classes of any found vehicles, units, weapons, magazines and items. Could be useful for mapmakers.
    • Interface to create any target. Script will automatically replace dead targets and targets with dead / without crew. Here is 4 target modes:
        1) Static land: targets in front at player at designated distance.
        2) Random land: targets will be spawned in front of core at random distance and will be moved with random speed. Distance and speed can be adjusted through target interface.
        3) AI land: targets will move on waypoints. Waypoints can be adjusted.
        4) AI air: by default air targets will fly around core. Waypoints also can be adjusted.
    • Simple SQF console with history.
    • Integrated HJ configExplorer.
    • Tool to play and get class of any existing in cfgSounds sound.

Written on 2013-04-02 11:33 by conKORD  

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