Author: XxAnimusxX
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.9.2

Short description: This is a highly customizable radar for Arma 2.

Date: 2013-04-09 07:56

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This radar will let you decide what to show and allows you to change almost everything to meet your needs.
Enhance your gaming experience and allow others to enjoy your missions using this feature, creating countless new mission objectives and adding new tactical possibilities.

- UnRaR the archive into your mission folders root and initialize AniRadar.
Just insert this line into your init.sqf to do so:
 execVM "AniRadar\scripts\aniradar_init.sqf";
    waituntil {!isNil "aniRadarInitialized"};   // you can delete this line, but be sure to wait for an adequate time before calling aniRadar-functions. 
You have to edit your description.ext-file. If you don't have one in your mission folder, create a new one. Insert this line into the top:
#include "AniRadar\gui\aniRadar.hpp"
Insert the functions module into your mission (the radar is using BIS_fnc-commands).

All of the scripts which are used to modify radar behaviour are located in the AniRadar\scripts - folder.
These scripts are (hopefully sufficiently) commented and mostly provided with examples to offer a deeper insight of expected parameters and other stuff to consider.

It is highly recommended to look into those files before posting any bug report to ensure a well defined usage of the provided scripts.
Please also consider starting your missions with the -showScriptErrors startup parameter to get error messages ingame.
This will save you some valuable time figuring out what your problem is in case of occuring errors.

Please refer to the included scripts, the AniRadar demo mission or the usage instruction in the release thread.


All the dialogs are part of the demo mission and are not element to the AniRadar.

Known issues:
- Although cutRsc is used to create the radar, it doesn't dissapear when the map is opened.
- When the radar is moved or resized repeatedly without waiting for the effects, after-images will be displayed until the next pulse.

Due to technical problems I was forced to change the known rotating radar to a sonar type one, which is, honestly, not really realistic but meh, who gives a sh**t anyway.

I'm not experienced in GUI scripting, thus having problems here and there. I managed to create this with the little information I had and I'm sure there are several ways I could've made it better.
If you find any bugs, ideas, suggestions or just want to rant about me being a noob - you're free to post your opinion.
I'm eager to read suggestion to improve my scripts, even if it's just minor stuff, so if you took your time to browse through the scripts (I know that just a small number of you ppl will do this..) you can leave your ideas anytime in this thread.

This is the first version which got publicly released so I bet it will have numerous bugs and other errors which are hard to find.
If you hower contribute in improving this release by posting bug reports, please don't forget to meantion your used screen dimension (in game) and the exact error message you got. It would help alot if you could try to recreate the bug in order to discern specific patterns.

Thank you for trying out AniRadar and have a great time using it for your missions.

- new command added: aniRadarSetReferenceObject
- initialization of modules rewritten
- if the reference object is in the callback's results, it will be omitted

- initial release

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- BI forums

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