Arma 3 3D Mission, Mods and Server Launcher updated

Fabilau submitted an updated version of his Arma 3 3D Mission and Mods Launcher/Installer.
This is a Launcher for Arma 3 and features the following functions:
  • Create 3D Missions
  • Launch 3D Missions
  • View and Edit the Mission code of selected Mission
  • Download and install Mods
  • Search Mods in the Database
  • Deinstall Mods
  • Launch Mods
  • Start Game without Intro
  • Start Game with multipel Mods
  • Write Reports about Bugs to develop the Launcher experiences
  • Set Arma 3 Directory
  • For Modders or Mission Editors, you can edit the Mission.sqm and Mission.sqf in the Main Programm and test it after you've saved it.
  • Join Servers
  • Search Servers
  • Add Mods to Favorites
  • View Statistic Tab
  • Rate the Launcher
  • Create Mod-Packs/Sets
  • Filters Servers
  • Add Servers to Favorites
  • Join Password safed servers

  • Added "Mod-Packs" Function (Create presets for Mods)
  • Added Password Field, to see if Server uses Password
  • Added Password prompt, if Server uses Password
  • Added Server Favorite System
  • Added Function, to join now Servers with Password
  • Added Loading screen on startup (Of the Launcher)
  • Added "Start Arma 3" button, to start Arma 3 without a selected Mod, but with (if enabled) selected Mod Pack.
  • Added Shoutbox
  • Added Download progress in percent "display"
  • Added own Application Icon
  • Fixed/Removed "installed.arl", programmed a better "Code/Function" that reads the Arma 3 directory for existing Mods.
  • [No "installed.arl" now in use]
  • Optimized Drag and Drop Source Code
  • Optimized Search Source Code
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Added Filtering System

Written on 2013-06-24 11:56 by fabilau  

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