SP & Coop mission : Operation Eagle Eye's by Tomsz updated

Tomsz has submitted a new version of this assassination mission playable in singleplayer and coop.

  • Blufor Base
  • New Briefing at the start from your Commander on the task you have been assigned
  • Added Tasks
  • Heli Insertion
  • Heli Extraction
  • Added EBR 7.62mm as the MXM was changed to a 6.5mm in previous update to the Alpha
  • Requirements is still only Ghillie Suits needed to play, can be found on armaholic on the old download link below
  • Added extra Enemy units/waypoints
  • Your Spotter should now respond a lot better to your commands, as before he was a bit slow to comply
  • You now get a WARNING; Message when Opfor have compromised your location/position
  • You know listen to your Commander's Dialogue, he tells you what your assignment is and what he wants you to do before you jump in the Heli at Base, you get to choose when to take off by simply deciding when to jump in the chopper, so if you don't like the gear load out you are spawned with you can simply change gear/weapons by going to the ammo crates inside the Base before jumping into the Heli

Written on 2013-05-20 14:39 by tomsz  

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