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Requirements: GLT Missilebox

Version: 1.0
Signed: Yes

Short description: British retexture of HAFM F-4E

Date: 2013-04-18 17:19

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British F-4M


The pack features generic and airframe-specific textures: Two late 70's/80's main textures in Green/Grey and Grey; additionally 23, 43 and 74 Sqn are represented by respectively XV500, XV572 and ZE352. Lastly, a fictional Op Granby desert texture.
The green/grey ones are in fact completely based on the Aeghan Ghost in HAFM, but the future promises refinement and more/better textures.

F-4E, not F-4M
This addon is unfortunately not the proper FGR2, the F-4M. It is instead the F-4E, as used by the Hellenic Air Force and retextured for the RAF. This shows in the lack of a Marconi RWR fairing on top of the tail fin, an inbuilt M61 (as opposed to pod-carried) and a prolonged nose section with an instrument underneath it. Whether there are visual differences for the Spey engines I don't know, but sound is definitely one of the great potentials for this model -- and that goes for most aircraft in Arma.

Relevant changes to the 3d model can be made relatively quickly, so I would highly recommend anyone that desires a real RAF F-4M to contact Aplion and ask him about the relevant permissions. He has been exceptionally forthcoming with my own requests, which I can only thank him for; otherwise there would've been no British Phantom.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Myke's GLT addon is necessary for the GLT 61 20mm. Should you wish to make the config not depend on this addon, simply replace the weapon and magazine (roughly line 416 in the cpp) with whatever you choose.

Included files:

F4M_GREEN - Green and Grey
F4M_GREY - Grey
F4M_23 - 23 Sqn and so on
F4M_Des - Op Granby fictional textures

Other textures?
The released set of textures are a bit particular, owing mostly to the very, very many different practises of FGR2 paint jobs. I'm therefore happy to help with any changes people would like to make, if they think themselves unable to (however, it is very easy). Letters, logos, banners and things of that sort are easy to alter and move around, and changes to the config.cpp to create entries for new aircraft are easy to make (see spoiler).

Retexture by making your own config
For those as unaccustomed to addons as myself.
The aircraft consists of three selections, "camo1" (body), "camo2" (wings) and "camo3" (wheel doors). If you wish to make your own addon for a retexture, get TexView through the BI tools, use that to convert to or from .paa / .png, and once you have your textures follow these steps:

!. For derivative use of any other element than all files body_co.paa, wings_co.paa, doors_co.paa or distribution of a modified config.cpp, please ask Apsilon's permission.
1. Create a new folder with your desired name for the addon, in the workspace you want it.
2. Add the textures you want. I will assume you call them wings_co.paa etc.
3. Add a text file, name it config.cpp
4. Enter the below code in the cpp, customized to your build. Exchange YOURADDON, YourF4, PINKNAT, Pink Country, F4_Pink and the paths you wish to use for the textures.
5. Pack your files so you have a pbo, here called F4_pink.pbo and referenced in the path to the textures. (BI tools again)
The pbo should ultimately be inside an addonfolder in a modfolder (eg. @PINKRAF\Addons\F4_Pink.pbo)
(Optional: Fuel tanks RAF_F4Fuel and RAF_F4Fuel_2 are respectively green-grey and grey.)

Launch and be happy.
class CfgPatches 
		units[] = {YourF4};
		weapons[] = {};
		requiredVersion = 0.1;
		requiredAddons[] = {"CAAir2","CAWeapons","FGR"};

class CfgVehicleClasses
	class Air{};

class CfgFactionClasses {
	class PINKNAT {
		displayName = "Pink Country";
		priority = 100;
		side = 1;

class CfgVehicles {
	class F4_RAF;	// Reference to external F4

	class YourF4 : F4_RAF {
		faction = PINKNAT;
		displayName = "Pink F4";
		hiddenSelections[] = {"camo1","camo2","camo3"};
		hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\F4_Pink\tex1\body_co.paa","\F4_Pink\tex1\wings_co.paa","\F4_Pink\tex1\doors_co.paa"};
	class YourSecondF4 : F4_RAF {
		faction = PINKNAT;
		displayName = "Pink F4 #2";
		hiddenSelections[] = {"camo1","camo2","camo3"};
		hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\F4_Pink\tex2\body_co.paa","\F4_Pink\tex2\wings_co.paa","\F4_Pink\tex2\doors_co.paa"};
If there are any uncertainties please do not hesitate to PM me, but best of luck with the advice you'll be getting!

Weapon loadout
Currently the aircraft uses the AIM7s, AIM9s and MK82s from its era. I found it very difficult to add weapons that didn't conflict with the model (particularly the centerline ALQ-101), so there's only one loadout throughout the aircraft. One GLT-based alternative that looked relatively good and wasn't too anachronistic was
weapons[] = {"raf_F4Fuelauncher","GLT_AIM9M_Launcher","GLT_AIM7_Launcher","GLT_AGM65_Launcher","GLT_MK81_Launcher"};
magazines[] = {"F4raf_1Rnd_Fuel_2","GLT_2Rnd_AIM9M","GLT_2Rnd_AIM7","GLT_2Rnd_AGM65","GLT_4Rnd_MK81"};
In the future I hope to make better textures; the current ones are either 1024x1024 or upsized to 2048 with corresponding loss of sharpness. Naturally I'd be happy for any help anyone could imagine they were able to offer.

In the future I hope to make better textures; the current ones are either 1024x1024 or upsized to 2048 with corresponding loss of sharpness. Naturally I'd be happy for any help anyone could imagine they were able to offer.

The 16AA has been short of a two-seater training aircraft for a while, so Morris and I have created some British textures for the Phantom released by Aplion of HAFM. Now, a bit of a disclaimer: This is the first retexturing ever undertaken, there are misalignments and the .paas are fairly disgusting to say nothing of the config. BUT the Phantom looks the part in the game, so I'm personally content, and hope that you will enjoy it! If you don't enjoy it and you have advice to lend, I'd be happy to hear that as well!

Credits & Thanks:
My heartfelt thanks to Aplion of HAFM for enabling this retexture!
My gratitude to Glowbal, Zim and others in the 16AA that've helped out.
Morris for smudgy patience.
Thank you BI for an extremely good and moddable [strike]game[/strike] hobby (not that it can't get better and more open to mods!)
And lastly, especially, thank you to the people who frequent this site, answer my questions and contribute to the community. Who are the community.

Aplion is the original author and permission for derivative use of the contents of this pbo should be requested from him.

This is waived for the enclosed files body_co.paa, wings_co.paa and doors_co.paa; you are free to use our retextures exactly as you see fit under the license BY-NC-SA 3.0 (free to distribute and modify; but with attribution, share-alike and non-commercial use).

I understand a license for parts of a pbo is awfully problematic, but if you approach Aplion I'm ridiculously certain he will be forthcoming and helpful!

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