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Version: 1.1

Short description: Request Support from your Teammates!

Date: 2013-05-02 19:26

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Support Menu Script


This script gives a group leader the ability to call in support from other player teammates. From the action menu, you can call in CAS (close air support) and Transport from your friends. By choosing either your crosshair target or a map click, you'll assign another player a task (using a modified SHK_TASKMASTER 2). You then choose whether or not the task was successful, a failure, or just cancel it all together.

Note 1:
You MUST be a group leader for this to work!

Note 2:
Tophe's vehicle.sqf is not required, it's just there for testing vehicle respawn.

addAction menu hierarchy:
Here's the addAction menu hierarchy:
    Support Menu = Opens the Support Menu then your two options are:
    • Call for CAS = Opens up the CAS Menu
    • Call for Transport = Opens up the Transport Menu

Selecting the teammate to assign the task
After selecting either "Call for CAS" or "Call for Transport" you get a list of all available players and the vehicles they're in. You can choose one of two options for each player, either:
  • Request Attack Run from PLAYERNAME'S VEHICLE at Cursor Target
  • Request Attack Run from PLAYERNAME'S VEHICLE at Map Click

or if you picked Transport:
  • Request Transport from PLAYERNAME'S VEHICLE at Cursor Target
  • Request Transport from PLAYERNAME'S VEHICLE at Map Click

The first will use your crosshair target the destination for the task, the second will open your map and let you click and choose a spot.

After you assign the task, your next options will be to choose whether or not the task was complete, failed, or to cancel the task.

How it Works:
Done through addActions, shk_taskmaster2, and ASCOM. Taskmaster 2 handles the tasking, Ascom handles the networking so it works on dedicated servers. I'm sure there's a simpler way to do this but this is the only way I know how at the moment.

Copy the "scripts" folder into your mission folder.
Add this to your init.sqf:
taskmasterLoaded = false;
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\ascomBackEnd.sqf";
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\ascomFunctions.sqf";
[] execVM "scripts\shk_taskmaster.sqf";
waitUntil {taskmasterLoaded};
if (isServer) then {
    waitUntil { !isNil "ASCOM_Initialized" };
waitUntil {!isNull player};
//Change the 2 arrays below for your heli names, eg [aHeli1, aHeli2], [tHeli1, tHeli2]
[player, [aHeli1], [tHeli1]] execVM "scripts\supportMenu\supportMenuInit.sqf";

The helicopters names need to be in the array's, the first array is attack helicopters and the second is support helicopters.

So if I had three helicopters, named "aHeli1", "aHeli2", and "aHeli3" my line would be:
[player, [aHeli1, aHeli2, aHeli3]] execVM "scripts\supportMenu\supportMenuInit.sqf";

If had 1 attack helicopter and 2 transport helicopters, I'd use this:
[player, [aHeli1], [tHeli1, tHeli2, tHeli3]] execVM "scripts\supportMenu\supportMenuInit.sqf";

Get it? You can have up to 4 helicopters for both categories of Attack and Support

And you're done! Try the sample mission if you'd like to quickly test the script.

- Fixed: Vehicles blown up then respawned using Tophe's respawn script still can receive tasking
- Included: Tophe's modified Simple Vehicle Respawn Script (Modified to work without setVehicleInit command)
- Added: Smoke now pops when tasktaker is within 500m of target.
- Added: If CAS Task: red smoke pops on target, green on taskgiver.
- Added: If Transport Task: yellow smokes pops on target

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