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Requirements: Arma 2, Cold War Rearmed², Cold War Rearmed² - British Armed Forces Expansion, Cold War Rearmed² - Royal Netherlands Army Expansion, Community Base Addons
Island(s): Adam
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Version: 1.2

Date: 2013-05-30 12:38

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Operation First Round


The year is again 1985, and as you know Mikhail Gorbachev has come to power in the Soviet Union.
While his Glasnost and Perestroika reforms are welcomed by western governments, there are communist hardliners in his own government that are unsympathetic to his cause and are ready to do anything to stop these reforms.
During whole 1984 and the first months of 1985 the economical situation of the East block have worsen, plenty of workers strikes and violent disorders erupted all along those countries, and in the Soviet Union too despite Gorbachev's Glasnost and Perestroika reforms.
The situation comes to a even more critical point during recent days, while unspecified units have been spotted close the Baltic islands of Everon and Malden, formerly indipendent but a few dozens of miles far from Warsaw Pact countries coastline.
It is clear that Aleksei Guba, a renegade soviet army general, backed by his staff and by a former government secretary of defence, is determined to bring down Gorbachev and make himself the next leader of the Soviet Union.
Guba commands an army on the island base of Kolgujev, he invades nearby Everon, crushing the militia force there, and secretly plans to take the war to the Americans.
Skirmishes have been resulted with U.S. and british troops on those islands, but it is still not clear if the soviets have planned a full scale invasion of West NATO territory or whatever else.
15th June 1985: while Malden and Everon have been quite completely reconquested by NATO after bitter fightings, the soviets still held the island of Kolgujev, that is the soviet main base, and is actually under NATO attack; in response of the landings of NATO troops on Kolgujev, a soviet general in East Germany, member of Gen. Guba staff have launched an unexpected armored-airborne strike behind NATO lines, close the dutch-german border in the enclave of Saint Adam, now under direct threath of a sudden invasion by soviet troops.
You have been assigned to lead a unit of 2 Para Rgt that will fight as a light airborne infantry unit, main weapons will be the L1A1 SLR and the L7 GPMG as usual, while LAW-72 and CG-84 AT weapons will be carried by your men as anti-armor weapons as well as AT-Mines. Your transport to the war zone will be carried out by US UH-60 and CH-47 HC-1 choppers (US Army and RAF). Your unit will be split into two main squads (CHARLIE-FOXTROT and GOLF-TANGO), supplies and reinforcements are going to be planned.
Our Recce planes have detected the vanguards of a soviet light armored airborne brigade that have penetrated deeply inside german territory to reach and destroy main NATO supply depots and communication lines in West Germany and East Netherlands; the french speaking enclave of Saint Adam must be defended at all cost !

Extract the pbo file(s) to your .\ArmA2\Missions (installation) folder.

General: avoid speeding up time it has a bizzare affect on the AI in some of the more 'busy' missions like this. Some people may find this mission a bit slow but it is my attempt to remodel modern warfare in its whole as I see it and within the limitations of the game rather than turning out fast paced battles. READ the BRIEFING THOROUGHLY not only does it provide useful, relevant information but provides a "story line". Also ensure that the waypoints are visual in game, this mission have a few waypoints.

MISSION OBJECTIVE: If a mission objective states that anything has to be destroyed this means completely destroyed (crumpling of vehicle and explosion) not just abandoned, if the mission is not completing this is the likely cause, go over and give the wrecks their finally blessing!

This mission have all been play-tested and rewritten several times however some errors might occur.

Credits & Thanks:
By CimaleX with many thanks to the whole (with Wolle in first person) CWR2 team and Bohemia interactive for the great game.

- Arma 2
- Cold War Rearmed²
- Cold War Rearmed² - British Armed Forces Expansion
- Cold War Rearmed² - Royal Netherlands Army Expansion
- Community Base Addons

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